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Observations from my travels

Businesses through all of those states shutting down in chunks as daily updates and dictates come down from their respective state governments. Some businesses in Tennessee were remaining open due to a normally low amount of foot traffic, and at least a couple told me they’d remain open until they were forced to close.

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Here is a way to make an effective mask using common household materials in just a few minutes. You will need a wire coat hanger or similar pliable wire, tape, rubber bands and a paperclip to construct a mask frame that conforms very well to your face. Then you can use any type of cloth or paper that you have available that will work as the filter. In a pinch, several paper towels are a lot better than just breathing in an invisible droplet of spit and Coronavirus recently coughed out by a passerby.

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Pay special attention to Italy (COVID-19)

Italy has a modern, westernized medical system similar in quality to the United States. The country is quite a bit smaller and less populated than the US, but it’s easy to look there and imagine it could be an example of what may befall us here if we are unable to stave off a massive outbreak of the virus. In my opinion, due to the lack of control over our border and ports of entry, we will be unable to stop the spread.

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Coronavirus update

Now imagine your local Walmart or Publix or H.E.B. is a cruise ship. It might as well be. You may not spend as long in there as you would on a ship, but more people are coming through there. This will be the location of transmission for a lot of people who get infected. Shopping cart handles and check-out lines. You will need to greatly limit your trips into town for food and supplies.

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