Category: Medical

The Partisan’s First-Aid Kit

Whether you consider yourself to be a prepper, patriot or partisan, there is no argument to made against having a robust emergency medical kit and the training and knowledge to put it to use. I’m going to show you my own medical kit that I keep nearby at all times.

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Ditch Medicine: Treating Pneumothorax

While a pneumothorax is always best treated by a medical professional, you may not always have that available. The information above should help you to identify a pneumothorax, its type, and offer ideas for initial treatment in a ditch situation.

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Ditch Medicine: Laceration Management

Deep lacerations that are complicated by the involvement of injuries to major arteries, tendons, nerves or abdominal cavity contents are not usually treatable in primitive conditions. For the rest, however, here’s how you handle them.

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Ditch Medicine: Sterilization

Sterilization may be one of the most critical parts of surviving some kind of disaster or other disruption event. It’s important to understand the methods available to you in a primitive situation, and prepare to have what you need on hand.

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