Last night, the Portland downtown was once again rocked by riots. As reported by Zerohedge:

With the White House race still too close to call, outbreaks of social unrest were reported Wednesday evening in several large metro areas across the US, reported Reuters.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown activated the state’s National Guard Wednesday after demonstrators destroyed property in downtown Portland, which the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office declared a “riot” and warned about “widespread violence.”

At least eleven people were arrested in overnight Portland riots, as the sheriff’s office took to Twitter to show confiscated items from protesters, included an assault rifle, fireworks, flares, and hammers.

It is totally surprising that the National Guard was finally called into Portland AFTER the election occurred. It’s almost like they did not want the optics of the National Guard vs Antifa.

Reporter Brenna Kelly has a ton of video clips on her Twitter account showing the demonstrations and confrontations with police.

As the election drags on, these demonstrations will only become more widespread and violent. It will become especially bad if Trump uses the court system to get into office. Keep up with your preparedness and your training.

Tempus Fugit.