This is, without a doubt, the most critical film you need to watch when it comes to asymmetric warfare. It has been screened at least since the 1970s to Special Forces candidates, Intelligence Agency staff, and in graduate level Sociology courses. And for a damn good reason- it is the most accurate film on how to organize a movement probably ever made. I originally posted it some time back here on American Partisan and current events require its posting yet again.

Yes, its black and white and in French. And yes, it is a deadly accurate picture of how an insurgency works in the real world. Replace the FLN with AntiFa or Black Lives Matter. Then replace them with yourselves.

Keep your cells small and keep them local. If you do not know the person and most importantly, they have little to no generational ties to your area, they’re not your people. Period. No matter how much you like what they tell you. In Tom Barry’s excellent personal account of the Irish Civil War, IRA units rarely left the county they grew up in and it created an intelligence nightmare for the Black and Tans.

Many have emailed me and commented about a perceived lack of organization on the Right. That’s a strength, especially at this time. Focus on your local ties and organization. And harden up.

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