We never thought it could happen here. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I was exposed to various circumstances of rural life. I also did get a bit of exposure towns and cities, but mostly we grew up out in the middle of nowhere; the nearest neighbor was quite a hike.

We lived on the last paved road in that part of our county, and the only reason it was paved was because there were a few families that had children that attended the local government school. This made us the furthest-out bus route. What this meant: cold mornings and late nights, especially in fall and winter. We were the first ones on the bus in the mornings, and the last off in the evenings. I remember coming home late in the fall, the sun was setting, but all I wanted to do was go play out in the woods.

I still remember those woods, and many of the woods at the nearby schoolmate’s houses. We grew up with corded phones, and just a few channels. In the summer, out there, a bicycle was not just a given, it was a necessity. We had to bike to our friends, the lake, the store… to church. You also had to have a snow suit, because even in the dead of winter, dark and cold, the sun was down and the only lights were from the kitchen and dining windows, the standard answer from an annoyed parent was “Go outside and play!” So we did, no matter the weather.

Most days, I wish I was still out there. Life takes us in different directions, and I’m sure yours, dear reader, is no different.

This is why most voters in WI thought that it was impossible for an election to be “stolen.” Rural folk, with little-to-no understanding of what happens in the big cities – the plotting, scheming, greedy hand-rubbing, and political machinations – see the centerpiece of the painting, but miss the background, the story the painting portrays. Heck, in some cases, even the frame is very important.

The reason for this is the rural folk are a bit less concerned with the cities’ politics. What we had, and still have, to worry about was whether there was enough feed for the chickens, how soon the corn needed to come out of the fields, what time to feed the pigs and cows, did we grow enough hay for the horses this spring, did we split enough wood and buy enough propane for heating this winter? We wanted to go to the store and get the supplies we needed, pay for it honestly, and get paid honestly.

The rest of it didn’t, and still doesn’t matter. Family and local gatherings, holidays, and hard work make up the lives of those living and growing in the “fly-over” country. We just want to live our lives, and work hard if we must.

But they don’t want to leave us alone; it’s glaringly obvious now, and denial is no escape. They’re coming for our tax money, guns, and the rest of our stuff, no matter where we live. They’ve said so; look at any communist-socialist cause around the world – that’s what they want to shove down our throats. They want to track and trace, even if you live in the deepest of the Northwoods.

85% of the people in WI live outside of the two major metropolitan areas, and those 15% and the surrounding areas just told us that they want to impose communism and destroy the foundations of freedom for the rest of us.

Will we let them?


I will quote the Zman from yesterday:

“I must admit that even though I’ve been predicting a rigged election for months, it is still a let down to see it happening. It’s like the passing of an old friend who has been sick for a long time. You know what’s coming, but it still feels bad when it happens.

America has been sick for a long time. Most here have known it. Some maybe hoped Trump was the miracle cure. Others thought they had reconciled themselves to the inevitable. Others, thought Trump would buy some more time with our old friend America.

Last night, America died. Everyone is justified in feeling bad about it. Treat this like the loss of an old friend. Mourn now, but then use this reality to help your normie friends move past their civic nationalist nostalgia into the cold reality of now, just as you would help a friend mourn the loss of a parent.”


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