We have to condemn the very idea that some people have the right to repress others.” – Solzhenitsyn

This is a powerful quote; it can be read different ways. To a socialist, marxist, communist, or antifa/BLM type, that means white men, the West, capitalism, freedom of speech, thought, whether to vote or not, to support a certain person or group, and most importantly, the right to be left alone.

Before I lose most of the audience with TL;DR, something has to be understood, completely, to the very core of your being.

You have EVERYTHING to lose. The very common sentiment is that when a man has nothing left to lose, watch out. There, he is at his most dangerous.

I see the opposite. We have everything to lose. Everything. If we lose this fight, we lose everything: the stuff we don’t care much about, our guns, our homes, our dogs, our families, our lives, our country… our future. If we don’t stand up and fight, there’s nothing left. The light of liberty may go out forever, in every country. The choice of freedom or slavery for all eternity is being made here and now. If we wait until it is too late, or we’ve lost it everything, it’s all for nought.

Driving home on this dark and wintry night, listening to an album of which every note and syllable pierced me through, a thought struck like sudden, unexpected thunder:

You are behind enemy lines.

It felt like it came from outside myself – as if someone was talking to me, but with my internal voice.

You are behind enemy lines. You have everything to lose.

No, I wasn’t in DC, have avoided crowds, kept my head down, and have done what I could over the years to keep from attracting attention to myself by… well you know who.

I live in a mostly conservative area, surrounded by 2:1 Trump and all the GOP picks that were out there this election. We haven’t seen riots, or any real major protests. The occasional look in the store for not wearing a mask, but there’s an answer for those people.

From time to time the thought occurs: Does anyone else around me understand the 4th amendment? What about the 5th? These protections negate any of the dictates that they cast down from on high. But one on one, against an enforcer, what is the answer?

Liberty, or death?

Does the average person know their true power – that if a we just stood up and said “No!”, those who see themselves as our betters would have no choice but to show their full hand? And by doing so, “they” instantly would lose? “They” do. Have you ever noticed that evil people always have a plan?

“All ships lost in the night search for the lighthouse on the rock of the enlightenment… with no light, the night’s going to be a long one… this land is their land, now.”

Another thought broke through the gloom that was filling the night, and my heart.

Have you ever watched an old western movie, an Avenger or Marvel film, an action film, or a story where the main plot is Good v. Evil? Do you understand why those are so powerful? Why many, if not most, of the stories are based on historical archetypes and stories of old?

They do something for us. They show us a person or a group of people standing up for what is right, what is true, what is righteous, what us just. In 30-120 minutes they can tell the story of what is normally a lifetime, generation, or era of struggle: Good v Evil. Righteous v. Corrupt. David v. Goliath.

That’s where we are now. We are standing at the precipice: the point in time where we are looking at the battlefield in front of us, the space that the people who hate freedom and life, those who want to control us, are preparing for battle. They expect to win. They expect that we will submit without firing a shot because they have every angle covered, every potential outcome planned for. From coronadoom to the “Great Reset,” they mean to take everything.

Those who consider themselves our rulers think that they can repress us, take away our freedoms, push us down, and we will yield. And we will. Even the founders fought for years: in the courts, with letters, peaceful protests, and pleading messengers to the King to be left alone, Govern themselves on His behalf. They were willing to pay – just let the method and the means be done locally, by the people. They suffered grossly: taxation, brutality, theft, force, coercion… even death. The Boston Massacre wasn’t enough for the people to rebel violently.

They drew their line: their guns. Guns were the only means a people had to truly be protected. It was still a wild world. Savages, animals, thieves… it was a tough world, and a man had to protect his family. He did so by coming together with his fellows. But they were all armed.

They’ve tried for years to take them. They may succeed. They may repress us, cast us down, kill us and leave no trace. They change history, lie, take and take and take…convince us of their righteousness, but, they are really just stealing. They will kill millions, maybe billions, to get control. Don’t think they won’t burn the entire system down just to keep us from having liberty, in the truest sense of the word.

We are going to fight for what is right, what is righteous.

One of the funniest arguments I hear from time to time is how great we have it, how we’re the most blessed country on earth, and how we don’t deserve it, how it’s all been stolen from “the oppressed.” That if it wasn’t for our massive debt we would all be dirt farmers.

The thing that most people with that argument forgets is that every time this country divided itself from a central bank, from debt and interest, was tied to true, honest money, and left people alone, prosperity and wealth grew faster and for more people than could be understood. As soon as a bank got involved, the system crashed and was uncontrollable. But “we could never have what we have without the massive piles of debt.” Bullshit.

The first step is being free between your ears.

For those around you just coming around:

Consider a series of open ended questions to asses where their head is on what’s transpired. Let them do the talking. If they say “Man, it’s really getting bad.” don’t answer, they are leading you. You need to learn to have a directed conversation in which you are asking open ended question. The answer to that statement for example is; “how so?” or “i know, what should we do about it” (since you still don’t know what “it” is in their mind.” – ProGunFred

The light on the shore may have gone out. One thing that is true, however, is that it will always shine in men’s heart: Men that carry the Light of Liberty with them wherever they go. And with God’s Grace, we might find our freedoms again.

Stay sharp.


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