I keep hearing Generalissimo Fauci talking about a long, dark winter this pandemic season. Bold words from an entrenched federal employee whose department budget rises and falls based on how much people fear ‘rona. Biden has been parroting Fauci’s comments, a worrisome development. Hard to say how this will all play out, but I’m preparing for something unconstitutional.
Maybe a vaccination passport is used so you have to ‘show your papers’ if you want to go anywhere. Maybe drones are deployed to enforce an illegal lockdown. Biden’s BFFs in China have been chasing citizens with drones for some time now. If you haven’t seen The Running Man, it’s a good look into where these sorts of games can go.
But this is a big country, so how are they going find out if you’re not complying? It’s easy if you have a mobile phone. Your phone constantly checks in with nearby cell towers. This is actually a helpful feature since the phone company needs to know which tower should send calls to your phone. But it can also be used against you. Imagine a ‘geo-fence’, or a virtual wall, is placed around your neighborhood. As soon as your phone connects with a tower on the wrong side of the geo-fence, it’s game over.
Another concern is government use of StingRay devices. These handy tools will pretend to be a cell phone tower and trick your phone into sharing data. This could put you on a list of people at a specific place and time. Then maybe later you get a knock at the door, like this guy.
Connecting your phone to WiFi can also give away your position, as can Bluetooth. Free apps will steal your GPS data (it’s in the fine print). This ‘marketing data’ is then sold to pay for the ‘free’ app. Sadly, federal agencies are buying this data as a sneaky way to get around warrants. I think it’s unconstitutional, but check the 4th Amendment and decide for yourself.
Phone tracking threats are complex, but the solution can be simple. If you put your phone in a faraday bag like this one, it will block all the wireless signals that give your position away. Or you could look into using software settings to quiet your phone. But I’ve found it pretty darn convenient and reliable to just slip my phone in and out of a faraday bag. Or you could make a faraday cage with stuff laying around the house. It’s not rocket science, just be sure to test it out so you know it works.