I started writing this commentary a month or so ago to bring attention to the musical documentation of the oppression of the Scots and Irish by the British government. Given the similarity to what America is currently experiencing I felt it was time to finish the commentary.

Thanks to the internet ( as long it’s still available) there are many internet radio stations that broadcast classic Celtic rock and Irish folk music. Much of it having been written in the last 200 years, and much of it written in the last decade to lament the continuing theft of their freedom and self determination. The Scots and Irish have been fighting for their freedom from British oppression since the Romans abandon Hadrian’s Wall. While the Scots have national autonomy, look at Northern Ireland. The IRA made an attempt to gain national recognition and freedom from British rule but without success. They continue to sing and write songs about freedom and self rule, but what do they really have? They have been sucked into the EU and no longer even possess the right to own firearms.

If Congress fails to nullify the massive election fraud that has taken place, or President Trump does not invoke the Insurrection Act and bring the traitors to justice, will we become another nation that is reduced to remembering it’s freedom in song?

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