This is an email I received a few days ago from one of my contacts with a long career in LE. All incredibly valid points. Get training, because its gonna get real. -NCS

Been reading your articles on the AK. As a result, I got a PSA AK pistol…. great gun! Good advice! Perfect car/truck gun.

Re: drills, and skills.

All the skill and drill implementation begins, in all articles, at some location designated for joining the battle. Then there is a gap, followed by neighborhood or HOA protection plans (XXXXX’s stuff). But.
Side track- LE has always falsely taught their folks that they are large, and in charge. That they are the highest trained (10 minutes per year- trigger time), baddest dudes on the block. But 99.997% have never read, or analyzed Beslan.

Back on track-

Good guys don’t start gunfights, except in the military. So all good guy training should start with the good guys sitting at the dinner table, when they get attacked. Or in front of the tv. Or for real excitement- on the can! Fight your way to a secure perimeter. Call your neighbors to do the same. As their secure perimeters develop, and overlap, the blm/antifa pogues will be forced out. Hopefully.


Traditionally, it was fine to set up your house security so that bad guys would look at it, and pick an easier target, go someplace else. But in the coming fracas, if they go someplace else tonight, they will just be back another night. So that pulls in the old bear trap, hammer, and anvil. We will not “want them” to go away. We need to “make them” go away. So they can’t run away to terrorize another night.

Side track-

At any warrant execution location, except XXXX Police Department where they shoot all the good guys, then go home…. the first thing LE does is yell code 4, shed the armor, drop their guard, and order pizza. Tacticality gets severely compartmentalized, but in the wrong way, only on/off. I am old enough to remember the 60’s/70’s. LE management then, as now, refused to train their folks. The force continuum remained the size of a silverware drawer.

Side note- in Afg, I was trying to add articulation of threat recognition, force continuum training to the combat hunter program. Marines from below the Mason Dixon said- damn skippy! But the Command staff, who were mostly carpet baggers, would not allow it.

Back on track-

In the developing fracas, tacticality starts on approach to your front door, from the inside. Probably where the reference to LE not being able to hit the broad side of a barn, from the inside… came from.
So the compartmentalization should be. Your home, and your individual security perimeters (yard, street, neighborhood), as well as leaving your home to go to your car, entering your bullet magnet and leaving your home, moving from your home to the nearest main street, onward. Since we are glued to our cars; If we have to go anywhere to join the fight/pull duty, we will need transportation. For a definable, walking distance, home AO, your perimeter should include a gas station, grocery store, medical facility. In Houston, for some unexplainable reason, all minority, crime ridden apartment complexes are located within a block of a grocery store, gas station, bank, or welfare check cashing center. So someone thought out the S4 stealable, gimme free stuff perimeters, long before the good guys. That perimeter modification, to exclude/prevent the close in bad guys from controlling necessary critical support, will have to occur early, and definitively!

If you go somewhere, to join the fight/pull duty, either you need a secure location to park your car, or you need a transportation service that doesn’t leave vehicles parked in/near the danger zone. Granted- I’m talking about a sub-urban areas, and not an urban ville.

Every time I read some of your stuff, it gets the old brain housing group going. Makes me get a second cup of coffee. Makes me wish I careered as an elementary school teacher!