Well, it has arrived. The culmination of a stolen election will result in a new President at the exact time this post goes up. Rahm Emmanuel once said “Never let a crisis got to waste”. The permanent power structure in DC will heed those words, and do it remarkably quickly. They have been gaslighting the threat for weeks now – and it doesn’t matter if the violence they predicted did not materialize or that their original claims were not true. There are already rumors and moves for a Patriot Act 2.0; for a new wave of Stasi informers; for massive gun control; for deplatforming and denial of services to “undesirables”; for truth and reconciliation committees.
Don’t believe me?
This isn’t theoretical any more. This is real. Hopefully everyone here realizes that. Hopefully, everyone here realizes that there is no white knight coming to save us. I come back to an excerpt of an article I posted about on AP a few weeks ago:

There are numerous ways to fight this dehumanization campaign being waged by these godless opportunists. Choose not to participate in their masking charade. Do not let them jab you with their DNA altering poison. Use facts and reason to convince others masks are worthless and the vaccine is nothing but an enrichment scheme for Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma. Support small businesses and restaurants that flaunt tyrannical lockdown mandates. Reduce your tax footprint by opting out of this materialistic paradigm. Get healthier by exercising, eating unprocessed food, and taking supplements (Vitamin B, D, C).

Barter with local farmers or pay in cash to deny Caesar his cut. Plant as big a garden as possible based on your circumstances. Make sure you have guns, ammo, and training. Join protests against this oppression. Build resiliency into your daily life. Think for yourself. Never watch or read anything in the mainstream media. Do not believe anything the government tells you, without verifying the facts. If the social media titans ban someone, seek out their writings because they must be telling the truth. If Google takes down a youtube video, seek it out on bitchute or other platform.

For those with a particular talent in IT, electrical, or mechanical, be prepared to utilize those skills in confronting the oligarchy. If possible, use encryption messaging to defeat the surveillance state. Protect your loved ones. Make sure you know who you can trust. Find neighbors of like mind. Make yourself anti-fragile by having alternative means of power and alternative medicines in supply. Attempt to open the eyes of those blinded by decades of propaganda exposure. Remove any funds from Wall Street banks. Diversify your financial holdings (land, cash, metals, crypto?).

Stay as far away from urban ghettos as possible. Speak truth to power. Don’t lose faith. The truth is on our side. We can win this war for the soul of our country. We have a limited amount of time on this earth. We must use what time is left to protect the world from these degenerates and provide future generations with a humanistic world where they have choices, liberty and freedom. I wish we weren’t confronted with such a herculean task, but it has happened in our time.


For many people who are reading this now, I am preaching this to the choir. I know that we have heard this and discussed and predicted and fretted over this ad naseum. But, we all have people who may just be waking up. These people probably voted for Trump (but perhaps not) but have been awoken by all the irregularities around this election and the ridiculous response that has arise following the certification of the fraudulent results. These are the people we need to capture before they go back to being fat and content on their pensions. We NEED to begin to get these people thinking like us and prepared for the future we all know is inevitable. Remember – we need the support and consent of the population to be most effective in the coming confrontation. The links in this article and on this site – coupled with a great reminder of what we got after 9/11 with the Patriot Act et al. – may just prove to be a turning point.

Begin to NETWORK – not just with the patriots that exist on these sites and others, but in your local communities as well. LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL. Have a neighborhood cookout or just go out and talk to your neighbors. Don’t start off by having diarrhea of the mouth about the Boogaloo or anything like that. Just be a face and name that is known. These neighbors may become sources of information later.

Of course, get training. The time to do this is yesterday, but the next best time to do this is today.

Most importantly, pray. List your voice and your heart to God. Pray for Discipline and Discernment and the Strength to face the coming storm, and He will direct your path. May His will be done.

A new dawn awaits. It brings about a day that will be bleak and stormy. Rest assured, however, the clouds will clear and we WILL be successful. Until then, keep your heads down and your checklist full.

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