“Democrats Close In on Senate Control With Warnock Win in Georgia”

And just like that, America, you lost your nation. You gave it away. Decades of kicking the can down the road have led to this point, here.

For those that decried, just one month ago “B-b-b-b-ut at least we still have the Senate!”, while hearing the words of Manchurian Mitch all but confirming what we know to be factual, don’t you look stupid today. Despite the overwhelming evidence of rampant fraud, absolutely nothing is done.

You no longer live in a free nation. And there are no politicians who represent your interests. None.

My suggestion to you is that you prepare for what’s going to come next. No matter what comes of today’s rally in DC, or outcomes that hinge on the actions of others, the power machine in DC is going to come for you and I. They re-asserted their control and they have made their aim explicitly clear.

And I can tell you this. Those same worms who resigned themselves to decades of opulence, selling the family farms for the suburban hellholes, buying timeshares and leasing cars, all the while giving lip service to ideals like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’, may your children now reap the oats you’ve sewn.

But for mine, I fight so they may not.

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