Do you have an FCC Amateur Radio Certification? Not up on digital communications just yet? Well, I suggest that you sign up for Winlink Global Radio Email. You can use Telnet Winlink through your internet provider without being wired into a radio. I got started in using Winlink by using Telnet by using my Amateur Radio Callsign and getting used to how it actually works. Its a whole lot easier to work your way around that computer download by itself than to download it AND work on the radio settings to make it work together.

   If you have a Ham Radio License, get Winlink and use Telnet for your backup communications email then start working through the settings of your radio once you’re ready. In the meantime, set up your Winlink with your contacts email list and start using it now. If you have not taken or signed up for the Brushbeater RTO Courses, I highly suggest you do that before its too late.  It’s fixin’ to get real. 

   How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

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