This is a three part series that I encourage you to both read and to distribute as far and wide as possible. I think it lays out in very clear terms the globalist agenda, and it may be the final piece of evidence some need to convince them that this is all a farce. Below are just a few selected paragraphs. These original articles are from The Burning Platform, and a link to each of the articles from whence the quotes came are located below those quotes. Tempus Fugit.

To those of us of a conspiratorial nature, according to those who conspired to overthrow a duly elected president for four years and are currently conspiring to steal the presidency through blatant election rigging and mail-in ballot fraud, we believe the darkness engulfing our nation has been initiated by the billionaire globalist evildoers marshaling dark forces in their Mordor on the Potomac.
The globalist elites, along with the Deep State and social media tyrants of Silicon Valley are rich, influential, and arrogant. They have stepped out from the shadows and are now blatantly flaunting their capture of our government, electoral systems, financial systems, mainstream media, social media, and medical complex.
It has never been more apparent than during this year of pandemic hysteria. Phrases like “dark winter”, “lockdown”, “build back better”, “we are all in this together” (we’re not), “flatten the curve”, “social distancing”, “stop the spread”, “self-quarantine”, “contact tracing”, “new normal”, “remote learning”, “black lives matter”, and of course “The Great Reset”, have been introduced into our vocabulary as a means of controlling, dehumanizing, and invoking fear among the population.

These billionaire funded ego-maniacal authoritarians must have a disaster in order to “build back better” from. Essentially this globalist plot to change the world is exploiting this over-hyped coronavirus pandemic to initiate Schwab’s Great Reset, where the serfs will own nothing and be happy, while the oligarch lords and their apparatchiks live lives of luxury and plenty, inflicting mandates and regulations upon their subjects. The coronavirus crisis will be replaced with the climate crisis as the creation of perpetual disaster allows the globalists to implement their master new world order plan.
Klaus and his billionaire buddies have big plans, and this faux pandemic crisis was the perfect “opportunity” to achieve their globalist corporate Marxist dreams. Wealthy powerful oligarchs believe forcing their warped totalitarian ideas upon the world by any means necessary. The ends always justify the means, no matter how deceitful and evil the means, for these arrogant sociopaths. Schwab and his ilk are skilled at using what appears to be sensible language when they are attempting to subvert our Constitutional rights, while imposing draconian tyrannical measures without the consent of the governed.
Schwab feigns concern for the millions of small businesses that have been purposefully destroyed by the lockdown mandates he and his allies support wholeheartedly, while being in the pocket of Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and the rest of the mega-corporations who have reaped obscene profits from this plandemic. The plan has been to destroy small business, so the connected corporations could harvest their customers.
Schwab is almost giddy at the prospects of an unraveling world where he and his accomplices, who believe they can control an infinitely complex world because they are the smartest guys in the room, can implement centralized control using their Marxist neo-feudal dogmas. Marxism is based upon the abolition of private property, so their “you will own nothing, and be happy” slogan tells you all you need to know.

There are numerous ways to fight this dehumanization campaign being waged by these godless opportunists. Choose not to participate in their masking charade. Do not let them jab you with their DNA altering poison. Use facts and reason to convince others masks are worthless and the vaccine is nothing but an enrichment scheme for Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma. Support small businesses and restaurants that flaunt tyrannical lockdown mandates. Reduce your tax footprint by opting out of this materialistic paradigm. Get healthier by exercising, eating unprocessed food, and taking supplements (Vitamin B, D, C).
Barter with local farmers or pay in cash to deny Caesar his cut. Plant as big a garden as possible based on your circumstances. Make sure you have guns, ammo, and training. Join protests against this oppression. Build resiliency into your daily life. Think for yourself. Never watch or read anything in the mainstream media. Do not believe anything the government tells you, without verifying the facts. If the social media titans ban someone, seek out their writings because they must be telling the truth. If Google takes down a youtube video, seek it out on bitchute or other platform.
For those with a particular talent in IT, electrical, or mechanical, be prepared to utilize those skills in confronting the oligarchy. If possible, use encryption messaging to defeat the surveillance state. Protect your loved ones. Make sure you know who you can trust. Find neighbors of like mind. Make yourself anti-fragile by having alternative means of power and alternative medicines in supply. Attempt to open the eyes of those blinded by decades of propaganda exposure. Remove any funds from Wall Street banks. Diversify your financial holdings (land, cash, metals, crypto?).
Stay as far away from urban ghettos as possible. Speak truth to power. Don’t lose faith. The truth is on our side. We can win this war for the soul of our country. We have a limited amount of time on this earth. We must use what time is left to protect the world from these degenerates and provide future generations with a humanistic world where they have choices, liberty and freedom. I wish we weren’t confronted with such a herculean task, but it has happened in our time.