…and thus should rightly be taken down, in accordance with section 25(a) of Proboards’ terms of service, all fees, property rights and duties therein to the same notwithstanding. As they stated, its their SOLE DISCRETION WITHOUT ANY JUSTIFICATION AT ALL.
Yep, they got us.
For now.
But then again we at AP planned and prepared for this. Its called a PACE plan. We’ve been fighting this war for a LONG time, and those of you who’ve been with us for the past couple of years know it all too well. The constant attacks, the DDOS, the efforts to shut us up and shut us down.
They have not succeeded, nor will they succeed, BECAUSE I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT.
Let me leave you with a little story from Afghanistan that I tell in class:
Once upon a time we got this brilliant idea to cut the Taliban communications. We’d blow their repeaters up- then they couldn’t communicate. So we did.
What we actually did was cause us not to be able to hear them- they simply started talking to each other, peer to peer, relaying information. In the long run, who was wiser?
Keep pushing. I’ll kindly remind you- you haven’t been pushed back yet.