Rock, paper, scissors?
“ARMY.” is the answer according to Michael Yon.
Michael is right.

From the Article “Jungle Law”

The Yarmuk traffic circle is fantastically dangerous. On the first mission I ran in Mosul, we lost two soldiers and an interpreter, all killed by a car bomb. Others were horribly burned, scarred for life. Many of our wounded and killed soldiers got it right here, or in the immediate vicinity. The ISF takes serious losses in this part of town. But it’s not entirely one-sided–the Deuce Four has killed well over 150 terrorists in this neighborhood in the past 10 months. But almost none of those made the news, and those that did had a few key details missing.
– Michael Yon August 10th, 2005

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My Take? Be aggressive, be smart, be violent.

They are always watching, learning, waiting.

Several of my leaders in the Army were veterans of Mosul.

Pay very, very close attention to these articles.

The next article highlights a different kind of fight.

Both are very real. Very dangerous. And very well known by all sides.


From the article “Hong Kong Echoes: “Organization Structure Dictates Outcome””

Only one country can instantly go Full Dracula and Authoritarian more than China. That is United States. Washington, D.C. feels far more intense and dangerous to me than Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is now completely taken by China.
Big concern: the authoritarianism we see being facilitated by big tech and others is shortsighted, at best. As authoritarianism grows, eventually the people with armies will take the people with computers. In the Law of the Jungle, Carnivores do Carnivore stuff.
-Michael Yon Feb 27th, 2021

My take? You can’t fight carnivores with a carnival.

I am book marking Michael Yon’s site. You should too…

Read an article a day. And you will have more know how, tools, and understanding than the average soldier in any military.