Got this from a reader just a bit ago. Its always an honor to see people you trained have such a great payoff when replicating their skills. I’ve got a few more RTO Courses coming up going into the Spring and Summer, including one in Colorado on 13-14 March. Come on out. -NCS
Hey NCScout,
I wanted to drop you a line to say Thank You!
I was at your RTO course in TN earlier this month. I love the train-the-trainer style of your course. So, on that note, I want you to know how my little circle has already benefited from the knowledge brought back.
The main one being, I have been able to bring my friends & family up to speed without getting lost in the technical weeds.
I felt I was put to the test during the recent ice and snow events of the past couple weeks. But, this little group of novices were able to check on neighbors, monitor and relay weather info and otherwise gather useful information (like which roads were plowed & which were next). I followed your lead and held most of my mini training sessions outside. My kids took to it like fish to water. They had little networks and comms schedules set up for the neighbors in no time. Our cheap radios became very valuable & effective tools. (Thanks to your guidance.)
The more we practiced, the more the mental lights came on.
So, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Keep doing what you do.
Lord willing, I hope to train with you again soon.