Being someone who works at a desk all day for their job, my posture has not been very good for years. Add to this my lifting routine in which I admittedly do very little stretching (before or after), and the combination of tight muscles and 8 hours at a computer has contributed to a posture that can definitely be improved. Posture is important for many reason – good posture can reduce pain and headaches, provide more energy, and also give ourselves both great self confidence as well as a more intimidating look. I have been trying to find some good routines recently, and I came across this one which I think is fantastic.

It starts off with a few basic tests to see where your deficiencies are (because not all of use have the same) and then gives both stretches and exercises for fixing them. Depending on how many you have, this routine can take – at most – 20 minutes a day. I am going to do it for 22 days and see if there are any noticeable changes in my posture and my quality of life. Then, I will report back what I have found.

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