Alexander was a student of Aristotle, the First Teacher.

Greece and Macedonia was threatened by Persian power for centuries.

Alexander was educated and trained to counter this threat from birth by his father.

After Alexander’s death, his generals accomplished as much, if not more, than he himself.

Alexander marched with his men from Greece to Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, and back over the course of 10 years; Non-Stop.

Everyone on earth knows his name 2,300 years later.

His failures towered over the successes of other men“- Ptolemy: General in Alexander’s army and founder of the Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty.

The footprints of his men can still be seen in the Middle East, North Africa, India, and West Asia.

His textbook military maneuver was “The Gambit”: A brave, risky, and noble tactic.

Feign weakness, draw your enemy in, and lock them into a pincer attack: Whittling away at their best soldiers. Forcing the enemy to be destroyed, withdraw, or surrender.

His horse was named “Bucephalus”. Whom, dying of old age after serving Alexander into India, he named a city after to spite weaker, inferior, and less capable animals.

Such as the men he conquered.


History and Cosmos (90 Minutes)

Epic History TV (45 Minutes)

History Channel (2 hours)

Footsteps in Sand (90 minutes)




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