War with china is inevitable.

Commonly referred to as the “Thucydides Trap” in recent years.

Known in Academia as: The Peloponnesian War

One of the greatest struggles in ancient history.

Spartans thought the Athenians were a bunch of known-it-all pricks.

And the Athenians thought the Spartans were a bunch of uneducated brutes.

Both were conquered by Rome after they destroyed themselves.

Sound Familiar?

We are sitting on top of the largest Thucydides Trap in world history.

Amazing times, Partisans.

“China has 7,000 tanks and 3,000 infantry fighting vehicles, “so 10,000 vehicles that will be decisive if we are not there,” Maj. Gen. Richard Coffman, director of the Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team, told an audience at a Center for Strategic & International Studies event.” -Mathew Cox, March 11th, 2021


The CIA World Factbook says they have 33,000 armored vehicles. I’m not sure where these numbers came from. Likely they are counting mothballed Cold War gear. Which is basically useless.

Look who was confirmed by the Senate, or Congress, or whatever those worthless dickheads are calling themselves.


I was told by some new friends that D.C. runs on blackmail.

Trump might not technically be in power, and the Q thing was clearly a 50/50 LARP of some sort.

But blackmail…

Blackmail is forever…

Looks like our team isn’t losing that bad.

The last 5 years hasn’t been a total loss. Though 2020 sucked…

War With China: Thinking through the unthinkable | RAND

Did you know we doubled up our CWIS on our ships?

They fire faster, have better tracking, and hold more ammo.

And they can shoot hypersonic missiles as well.

Hypersonic missiles are fast, but their real strength is in their hyper maneuvering ability through trust vectoring and stealth design.

Our friends have much, much better equipment to.

Trump sold an entire navy, air force, and army to our allies who hate china.

They might sink a carrier or two, but they would pay dearly for it.

China doesn’t have any real friends.

And their Naval Quantum A.I. security system is paper tiger.

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