These lawmakers never cry about the 80,000-100,000 Americans dying every year from Asian, Islamic, and Latin Opium.

They don’t cry about China, and others, buying up our corporations and not hiring white men. Which destroys our prospects of buying a house, having proud career, and raising a family.

They never cry about foreigners upsetting the cost of living in the U.S. As a white middle class man, I have two options, Ghetto hoods or a Trailer Park. But they give Minorities up to $800 a month in my area to live in my neighborhood. I can barely afford rent, which averages $1,200-$1,500 a month. Thanks to the living subsidies. It has also destroyed the school systems.

They don’t cry about 200,000 women a year going into sex work. Which could be 200,000 loving mothers who raise strong men and women.

They don’t cry about our small towns dying off in the last 30 years, and permanently sending our jobs to Asia and South America. Which will never return.

They don’t cry about the homeless mental patients wandering around everywhere. Who cause countless thefts, lower property values, rape, rob, and murder at will.

They don’t cry about not having grandkids, or families, or any hope for progeny and a proper civilization.

They don’t cry about the Islamic Terrorists murdering white Kaffir Infidels in the streets of free countries.

They don’t cry about millions of white women being forced into Islamic sex slavery and the police around the world covering it up.

They don’t cry about professors and teachers torturing American men and women with nonsense Marxist Propaganda. Creating massive rates of suicide, crime, and depression.

They don’t cry about our election process being broken and fraudulent. Ending the democratic process.

They don’t cry about Covid-19 sanctions shutting down businesses across the country. BTW, those businesses are being purchased. They know they will open eventually, but not until you sell for a lower price and lose everything.

They don’t cry about billions of dollars in damage to our retail and recreational economic zones in cities in 2020 during the riots.

No crying about the countless abortions.

They don’t cry about anything worth crying about.

No, they ONLY cry about Americans and our guns…

We are ruled by inferior men and inferior women who never were elected fairly anyway and have no right to pass law, or, dictate law to us.

Thus, they have no right to call for the enforcement of a law.

It’s almost like this is all on purpose…

Full 30 Minute Video Below.

FYI, they talk about loving the poor, innocent police officers now.

Which is a dramatic shift from calling for their execution in the streets during their 2020 revolutionary warmup.