The siege of the Federal Courthouse in Portland is once again underway by local elements of AntiFa, proving once more that the government’s attempts at appeasing them was a pointless gesture. Its definitely NOT an insurrection however, unlike the Stop the Steal protest, which was an insurrection despite the lack of arms and the fact that they returned home that day. AntiFa has been at it since June.

Local and federal officials held conversations over several months to determine the best time to take the fence down. The Department of Homeland Security told FOX 12 on Friday that the decision to remove the fencing on Wednesday was “made in collaboration with local leaders from Portland as part of a broader effort to help the city return to normalcy.”
However, just one day after the fencing was removed, rioters marched down the streets of Portland, setting fires and smashing windows.

But what about the National Guard? Surely they’d be called to protect Federal Infrastructure from an armed group with a demonstrated propensity for violence? Correct? Nah, they’re in Washington protecting you from me.
Ah, but its not an insurrection. An insurrection would require the use of arms.

This was gear recovered on the scene.

As the event unfolded, groups formed on the outside and physically challenged officers. Some threw rocks and full cans of beer at officers. Officers deployed some OC (pepper) spray and one impact munition.

Where are the flags at half mast? The Congressional hearings? The FBI is on this one, right?
No, they’re not. And its barely a footnote in the news because you don’t live in a coherent Nation. Just wait till this summer.