Newly minted Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice is seeking a Conspiracy case against the Oathkeepers, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper. The building case is in response to the Stop the Steal protest that some have erroneously labeled a riot.
That said, there’s a number of interesting tidbits to digest regarding the disclosed communications structure of the groups in question:

One day after Rhodes and Caldwell spoke together, charging papers alleged, Watkins texted recruits of the small group she founded, the Ohio State Regular Militia, describing a “Basic Training class coming up in the beginning of January” and telling one recruit: “I need you fighting fit by innaugeration.”
So she texted her ‘recruits’, rather than pass them information in person. First mistake.
On Dec. 30, Caldwell allegedly complained to Watkins that he still hadn’t been contacted by anyone about Jan. 6, adding that if Rhodes “isn’t making plans, I’ll take charge myself, and get the ball rolling.”
Putting trust in people you don’t know, having no tactical patience and acting on your own accord. Second mistake.
However, prosecutors alleged that one day later, Watkins was invited to a “leadership only” conference call on Signal for the “DC op.” She also participated with Rhodes in an encrypted Signal chat called “DC OP: Jan 6 21,” in which prosecutors allege Rhodes was in contact with regional Oath Keepers leaders from multiple states.
Ah yes. The great conference call and group chats. Because we’re all equals, right? Wrong. Leadership is not linear. There’s a reason hierarchy exists, and its a tried and true method. Conference calls to coordinate action is asinine in the first place because a Leader clearly defines his role by contacting only those closest to him and giving instructions, but further, if you’re planning something like a would-be insurrection, you have to know at least one person on the call is recording it.
Further, group texts are equally as stupid. Under no circumstances should a Leader contact more than one subordinate at a time unless its a single duress word initiating a destruction plan. And even then, it should be set to vanish after a short period of time.
Both of these are insulative measures that protects the hierarchy of a resistance movement. Its unfortunate that this case is unfolding the way that it is, but understand that these are lessons to be learned the hard way. The answer is understanding the tradecraft behind the techniques and burning into your memory that YOUR PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE IS YOUR ADVERSARY’S FIRST AVENUE OF APPROACH.
Merrick Garland & co are at war with you. Quit making it easy.