Read the Article Linked Above from June 2020.

The headline photo is what the refinery used to look like.

Looks like one of the six refineries, and reportedly the largest in Indonesia, has been completely destroyed.

There was a large lightning storm reported in the area.

Call me crazy, But I suspect this deal was signed to provide refined oil for Taiwan CPC in case of war with their Chinese enemies the CCP. Indonesia, knowing the CCP’s record with Islamic populations, likely celebrated the deal as a necessity for national defense.

This, combined with the recent deal CCP and Iran deal signed over the weekend, are sure signs of change. (Linked Below)

A 400 billion dollar deal to circumvent American Embargoes.

Good choice U.S.A., I am real glad China gets to make money working with Iran and we have forfeit the opportunity. I hope they become great friends. Certainly this wasn’t on purpose expanding and accelerating the Belt and Road Initiative.

That would be crazy. They would never do that…