I started this series, TDG (Tactical Decision Game) Tuesdays, to get you more in the mindset of how you could potentially handle a given tactical scenario with a limited amount of resources and manpower. My goal is to get you to read these scenarios and think about what resources you have available, what sort of scenarios you might encounter, and what gaps you need to fill in your equipment/training.

I will use the basic 5-paragraph operations order format, or SMEAC, to present the scenario as follows;

Situation: Disposition of all friendly, hostile, and adjacent forces.

Mission: What we are trying to do.

Execution: How we are going to do it.

Admin & Logistics: Who/what is getting where and how.

Command & Signal: Who is in charge and how they are communicating.

TDG 2: Neighborhood Defense

Partially inspired by the book “Lights Out” by David Crawford.

Situation: Partial collapse/WROL scenario. Your region has been without electricity for two weeks, running water went out one week ago. Law enforcement is ineffective, and certain rogue elements are starting to become more of a threat.

  • OPFOR Situation: Criminal elements are emboldened by the inability of law enforcement to take or respond to 911 calls. Home invasions by looters are becoming more and more common, and nearby gang elements are starting to make their presence known by providing “protection” and demanding tribute payments in certain neighborhoods. Occasional distant gunfire can be heard at night, and it’s been getting closer the last couple of days.
  • BLUFOR Situation: You live in the subdivision pictured in the map above. Although you hadn’t really known many of your neighbors, you’ve mostly all come together since the power went out and forced you all outside to socialize. You’re aware of the situation in the rest of the town, and want to take measures to secure your subdivision. Your neighbors are in agreement, and you are on a committee of your peers making recommendations for how to best set up defenses.
  • Independents Situation: LE has not been seen or heard from in over a week and is assumed to be non-existent or tied up elsewhere. They are not hostile to your group, but cannot be counted on to render assistance. You are unaware if National Guard has been activated, but have not seen any military presence yet. Civilians have started fleeing the city in small groups, walking South along the road outside your subdivision.

Mission: Establish defensive security measures for the subdivision in order to deter looters and repel potential attacks by large groups of armed gang members.

Execution: (Up to you. Remember that not everyone can be on guard 100% of the time, and that none of you have trained together before.)

Admin & Logistics: Your available resources include the following:

  • 50 families
  • 15 men with AR-15s
  • 4 men with AKMs
  • 10 men with scoped hunting rifles
  • 1 .50 cal AMR
  • entrenching tools (shovels & picks)
  • 200 yards of barbed wire
  • a decent supply of lumber and woodworking tools from a house under construction
  • 6 FRS/GMRS Walkie-talkies with a solar charger
  • Assorted vehicles
  • Assorted camping equipment
  • Average 200 rounds per carbine, and 50 rounds per hunting rifle and the AMR.

Command & Signal: (Up to you. Cell towers are down and there is no power. You should still have a PACE plan, even with limited comm options. Remember, there are non-electronic ways of communicating.)

Hint; The acronym for priorities of work in the defense is SAFESOC:


Avenues of Approach

Fields of fire


Supplemental Positions



Feel free to post your answers in the comments and discuss.

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