Look at the graphics for this.

Remember, most of Australia is a gigantic empty desert.

What burned down is where the guerrillas would hide during the resistance.

Looks like about 25% of the woodlands near the major population centers were burned.

Those woodlands include orchards of fruits and nuts, and shade for grazing animals.

I think Australia was burned down in preparation for a ground invasion by Chinese forces. The fires burned for months before we ever heard about it on our news. And that was because of climate change and the animals. The fires also burned across the entire country, all at once.

FYI, just because they were charged with discarding a “lit cigarette or match” doesn’t mean they aren’t bad actors.

We all saw the videos of how the police in Australia were treating their fellow citizens during the lockdown. I hope you saw the video of the muslim men shooting fireworks into the dry grass. I cannot find the video.

Nearly 200 People Arrested Across Australia For Deliberately Starting Bushfires

Later it came out that even more were arrested. Scopes, linked below, obviously believes otherwise.

Were ‘Nearly 200’ People Arrested for Deliberately Starting Australia Bushfires?

Of course Snopes said it was fake news.

Suspiciously, Islands not connected to the mainland also started to catch fire.

The Prime Minister is basically a $%^&. Him, and his friends, are connected to Israel, China, and Islamic bad actors. Most of them, and their police lackeys, let the drug dealing bikers run wild on their country. Reportedly, nearly 100% of them are ecstasy, heroin, and coke dealers and their friends and family are members of biker gangs.

Australian prime minister stands by minister accused of rape

The accuser committed suicide. In other words, the only witness is dead. Case closed.

There are other accusations too…

What a bunch of cool people.

Did you know that communists are allowed to rape people? Including other communists, especially bad comrades. And they aren’t allowed to accuse others.

Read “The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen

That explains why they love Team Mohammed so much.

And then there is this…

Did you know that in 1967 the Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt died from “drowning” on a beach not long after a sniper shot a hole in his window?

Weirdly, there were rumors that he was taken hostage by a Chinese Submarine…

Totally normal. Especially a few years after JFK died. Right in the middle of a “Cold War”

A week before his drowning, there were a series of articles in newspapers advising him to “swim less”.

You’ll notice the west has many of the same problems.

When you ban guns, you end up with this kind of leadership.

Zero respect.

No fear.

Watch this video.

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