Obviously we are all familiar with the shooting by the Jihad Bro who serves Team Mo’ in Colorado.

But the real question is this.

Why would Atlanta dude trim his upper lip and leave the rest alone?

Why rock the dumpster beard, but trim the upper lip clean?

His “Fashy” haircut also fits with the popular “White Sharia NOW!” narrative that is commonly “joked” about on 4Chan and other trailer park ghetto websites like twitter and gab whereby the Nazi sympathizers are familiar with Uncle Adolph’s affinity for the Islamic faith and support it with their words.


Well friends, that’s because a good muslim man trims his upper lip.

Just like all the muslim football, basketball, and soccer players do.

Lebron has vocalized support for the Islamic faith multiple times on twitter following the Avery shooting last year.



“Attention to detail will save your life and the lives of those around you…”

-Drill Sargent and Drill Instructor