This “reporter” is lying. As Usual.

Because they are Psy-Op disinformation campaign operators.

Look at Biden’s hand in the bottom left corner of your screen pass OVER the microphones.

Also, watch the video again and watch the unusual gait that the President has as well as the fuzzy blurring around his body. Like a deep fake program would create. Like all deep fakes create.

He looks like an early 2000’s 3rd person video game character walking not quite in proportion to the surface vs. field of depth.

And, another method of detecting doctored videos is to tilt your screen, at a rather extreme angle, so that it pixels appear to darken. Watch the video again, and you will observe that the lighting on Biden is different relative to the background.

You can use this to detect doctored images like memes with multiple layers added to them. This doesn’t work on every single screen I have used, but most of them it works well enough to very well.

I watched this video like 25 times. There is A LOT wrong with this video.

I do appreciate the camera man circling back on Jenna Paski. I do love red redheads.

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