My favorite guilty pleasure made by a twitter personality and youtube content creator. His mission is to document the downfall of American one cringe clip at a time. This is what I grew up with my whole, entire, life. Total and Complete Mentally Ill Nonsense. Some of his episodes disappeared into the ether during a ban spree on Youtube. He likely has them uploaded somewhere else. There is hundreds and hundreds of hours of documentation concerning the downfall of civilization.

His twitter handle is

You can type this into your search bar to port around logging in. You are still tracked, but not as much as registering and downloading the twitter app, so use a VPN. He removed all his NSFW “You Can’t Stop Progress” videos because Youtube and Twitter removes them. Even though the video clips are are pulled from Youtube and twitter anyway… as well as twitch, snapchat, instagram, and tik tok.

You need to login into bitchute to view the REALLY crazy stuff. Which is about half of his content.

He does not use any mainstream footage unless it meets his criteria for “cultural milestone”.

If you can watch 20 minutes of Episode 162; I owe you a beer and a whiskey drink.