Anyone who has tried dating in the last ten years could tell you all about this. Being raised on rap music, sit coms, corporate nonsense, and forced diversity has consequences.

Especially considering that everyone on TV rents $6,000 a month penthouses, but they work slave wage jobs.

Imagine trying to explain to a 20 year old woman why you don’t rent a penthouse in the nicest part of NYC?

I have.

The answer?

“What? Why? It’s only like $1,000 a month for an apartment” – Female College Student

That really happened to me. More than once actually, when I was explaining why I lived in my parent’s basement.

Needless to say, I never saw, or heard, from them again…

I know for a fact half of the women at my school suffer from this very problem. And many of the women in my family and friends groups.

Mental illness is, in fact, a contagious disease. Which is why we, as a society, made efforts to separate the mentally ill from the sane. It’s also why we separate the criminally insane from the severely mentally ill, from the functional, but emotionally confused and distressed, individuals in our society. We also have definitions like “Mental Distress” to describe episodes that occur when the nonsense and propaganda hits the real world. The reason why therapists and psychologists ask if you have a history of mental illness in the family is not to determine genetic markers for mental illness, but rather to determine if you grew up in a dysfunctional environment. Thus being exposed to, and contracting, mentally ill behaviors as a normative value.

Take a look at woke twitter and observe how women post their pronouns and list their collection of mental illnesses in their biographies. This is not just limited to twitter; It is also included in Linkedin, facebook, and even university email systems.

Truly disturbing…

One of the primary obstacles that the resurgence of traditional values has to overcome is the nonsense concerning women waiting until their 30’s to start a family, or even considering to seriously look for a potential mate.

Sexual Market Value (SMV) drops precipitously when women turn 25. There are a variety of reasons why. The easy answer is “Looks”. Physical attraction is required, and makeup can only accomplish so much. Other factors are that she is very likely on her 3rd or 4th long term relationship, or she potentially weighs in at a healthy 400 pounds gross (Zing!). Which means she is, by all metrics, essentially a 3-4 time divorcee who won’t live past 50 after an series of extremely expensive medical treatments.

Does that sound like a healthy investment? It’s not…

Example: Why date a 30 year old women when I can easily ask the 20-25 year old out on a date?

The cost is the same. The efforts are the same. The commute is the same. Everything is the same except… one is 30 and one is 20.

One is young, and can be saved from the nonsense (Potentially).

The other voted for Obama twice and thinks she is smarter than you and thus a more progressive, superior human.

Any man who has dated metropolitan modern women can tell you what it’s like.

It’s awful.

30 year old single, white women are damaged goods 9/10 times. They are undatable.

The other obstacle? Women who are on their 12th abortion since becoming sexually active in their early teens.

That cannot possibly be healthy. Most of the women I dated have confessed to me they lost their virginity at 12 or 13. Usually to a young man between 17-20. Needless to say, they had a long list of other insecurities.


We, as the vanguard of the west, have a lot of work ahead of us. I read in class a journal article once about why women in occupied territories during war rarely resist their oppressors and occupiers. The reasons given were resources, food, attention, and prestige; but the author dismissed these as problems that men face as well.

The other reason? And the primary argument for the article? Women are biologically hardwired to be captured by an enemy tribe and assimilate their values.

It’s a basic survival mechanism, which allows women to survive traumatic events. Like being captured in a raid on your village. Sounds correct to me. How could it not be?

Have our women not been captured by a rival tribe? I think they have.

Women are losing their minds because they exist simultaneously in two, or more, worlds. We haven’t been defeated, and the enemy hasn’t lost, yet… So they are torn between pleasing their captors(Globalism) and their biological drive(Traditional Values). Which is, in short, to marry, reproduce, and raise a family. Carrying on the traditions of their family, culture, and nation.

Another problem? Groupthink.

After New Zealand’s ChristChurch Massacre (A obvious deep fake psy-op) the sororities at my school all lined up in their yoga pants and spaghetti-strap tops(braless…) to buy Halal food from the local islamic invader who sells kabob from his illegal food truck on campus.

This is haram. And is banned by Sharia. But gee golly gosh isn’t the food great though?

They were in tears and texting furiously on their phones denouncing what happened.

Why? The muslim soccer players, basketball, and football players…

They wanted to make sure they got invited to the house party/sex party/drug party off campus.

Another example, in regards to warfare, is one would think that American women would celebrate their men as heroes in the war on terror considering how women are treated in Islamic Republics. However, they have been told their entire lives that Islam is the religion of peace. While, simultaneously, Muslims in college and in their hometown sell drugs to, rape, and womanize them and their friends. At the same time they are told the veterans went to Iraq to steal the oil as official academic curriculum. The prevalence of Islamic themes in rap music probably has an effect too. Which white liberal women consume voraciously. Study the Koran and listen to rap music. You will see lots of quotes from Islamic teachings.

Where do you think DJ Khalid got his name from? You think he just made that up?

Another example is the transgender population being forcefully introduced into women’s sports. Women haven’t yet had two full generations of mandates to increase funding for their sports programs, which is admirable, yet they hardly resist the destruction of their efforts as students and athletes.

Why? Because they are biologically hardwired to adapt to being captured by the enemy.

Did you know that 200,000 American women enter the sex industry every year?

Those are genocidal numbers. Those women could, in theory, be 200,000 mothers and wives who raise healthy families. Yet, still, no resistance to the 100% male dominated sex trade and sex industry.

It is, in fact, celebrated…


Can you believe that?

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