Ireland is a very funny place sir…
Looks like this has been brewing for a while. I would suspect the Corona Virus restrictions has created some cabin fever and people with nothing better to do are going buck wild. That and some corporations who are going to lose money are paying agitators to hit the streets and make the Brexit crew look bad.
Both articles read like they were written by robots. Which they probably were. I hate the MSM.
I would say they are dressed in dark colors and look like Antifa(and move like Antifa…), but that’s actually just how the Irish and Brits dress. Likely just a street fight that escalated due to copious amounts of boredom and the nice weather.
Makes for some good imagery. Never seen a double decker bus burn before. So that’s a first.

There is more, but not much more. Which is curious.
Just head over to twitter and look up “Northern Ireland” and click on videos.
Curiously, the White House even commented. Which leads me to believe they are tracking this using the “5 I’s” intelligence and this has the potential to blow up. I will admit, my favorite redhead surprised me on this one. I wouldn’t have guessed they cared enough to comment. Unless they can see the comms, and metadata, and were briefed.
Suzanne Lynch is the Washington correspondent for the Irish Times.

My best guess, these are paid agitators fighting to make some news; As usual in the west. That way, we all stay locked down forever, and Brexit looks bad. But it could be 100% grass roots gangland/guerrilla stuff. We have a few Ireland readers here at AP. Perhaps they could throw some knowledge our way in the comments. I will admit, that’s A LOT of people in the streets for some astroturf’d violence. However, whenever I hear the words “Brexit” and “EU” in any article I immediately think “This is fake news”.
Despite how real it looks.
Anyway, enjoy some music. And soap.

They’re a very funny race sir.