Hey Scout.

First, may God bless you and your family, and happy Easter.

I’ve been following your podcasts from the beginning, ironically finding you on FB on Ready Made Resources page. I’m very glad I did. It’s refreshing to read articles and hear from reasonable minds, in a world racing to the bottom. I really enjoy the live streams and the honestly and candid discussions and personal experiences.

I’ve been a Peace officer in a major western municipal capital city for 15 years, starting in my mid twenties, now a husband and proud father in my 40s. In my short time, I’ve done my best to grow and learn, and listen. In my current position, I am a XXXXX officer, with specialized training in Threat Vulnerability assessments and as a terrorism liaison officer. I also am part of the mobile field force, deployed to civil unrest. I worked the entirety of riots and protests in my city last year. I was privileged to fight antifa and blm in person. I listened, watched, and learned… A lot.

In my work capacity, I get regular info bulletins from our local counter-terrorism info center, which includes the social media pull downs on the antagonistic groups’ plans. In the beginning, they were stupid enough to use social media for planning. I can’t blame them. The left owns social media, and the anarcho-marxists believed they were “safe”. They didn’t know we were watching. They quickly changed inside of a week and began to use social media to organize crowds, which they needed to hide behind. They organized they’re own trusted people with Signal. Yes, Signal. But… They didn’t know what our plans were upon arrest. Every person we arrested with a cell phone, got it seized. I know you know what follows that. We got ALL their comms. All of it. It was delicious. They did not use dedicated clandestine devices. They used their own cell phones. Fools.

In addition to using signal to organize, they were using radios on the street for tactical work. By this time, I had been listening to the podcast for a bit, and had bought a uv5r, and began to listen. The antifas were using FRS radios. Smart. Short range, and easy to dump in a trash can, which many did. But, we were always close, and I got to listen. I carried that radio in my vest every day, and still do.

Fast forward to now, and in my role as a XXXXXXX officer I am still a neighborhood liaison officer. I work mostly with gentrified communities, very close to downtown. They vote predominantly Democrat and value progressive post-modernist ideals that parallel, or are congruent with the anarcho-marxisism of antifa. They are now worried about their future.

I find myself in this fucking weird place where I have lefty neighborhood representatives reaching out to me for advice on disaster and emergency preparedness, and grid-down communications, which I am more than capable of giving and organizing. Having only acquired my gmrs and ham licences in the past year, I feel that I have you and AP to thank for the amazing resource that you are. Your advice, specifically relating to organizing neighborhood defense and communication, is becoming very relevant to my work as a police officer in helping my communities be better prepared for the future. Hopefully I can help some of them see the truth of the real world around us, and some of the values that we hold dear.

Glad you are out there. I share your beliefs and passions. I look forward to learning more, and taking your classes in the future.

Working for the future.