I promise you, Stone and Gaetz have used meth together.

Stone likes to inject meth, but Gaetz seems like more of a blue and yellow purple pills and coke kinda guy.

Most are probably familiar with the Matt Gaetz allegations. Don’t ever trust someone like Gaetz or his friends.
Our entire election process is a scam. He was never elected. Remember that.
Mr. I got engaged as soon as all this went down 4 months ago. His fiancé is his handler who will run interference on the investigation. Watch to see if they get married quickly. I bet they do.
There is video and audio of Gaetz threatening women and yelling at women. Harassing them.
This will all come out.
Gaetz has interesting friends. Why Gaetz and his buddies are more concerned with freeing Jewish spies in Iran than actually making a difference in the U.S. is all you need to know…
I especially hate how guys like Gaetz talk a big game, but know damn well it’s all a scam.
Reportedly, he and his buddies enjoyed drug fueled orgies with minors.
Congrats Bro… I guess you are trying to live some High School fantasy as a 38 year old loser?
FYI, if you use a dating site, like Gaetz and his friends, it’s very easy for Israelis and Russians to utilize a man in the middle attack and link you up with jailbait, or one of their sex operatives, or both.
Of course, you’ll never hear that anywhere but here.
Gaetz and company used to prowl dating sites looking for “dates”. One of the reasons I stopped using dating websites, even the regular ones like “Match” and “Catholic Match” is because I was very clearly being baited or cat fished A LOT. The internet is a VERY, VERY dangerous place for patriots or weak minded needle dick 4’11” tall politicians like Matt Gaetz.
I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a saint. I grew up in the age of mainstream hedonism. My generation was raised on scantily clad girls/women, pornography, drugs, and pop/rap music. However, I am not stupid enough to work as a high profile politician/celebrity and surround myself with compromising situations or personnel.
Florida is a mess of a state. Millions of dollars worth of drugs runs through Florida and it’s all run by Russians and Israelis. Donald Trump’s hotels, in DC and Florida, are well known for crawling with call girls, drugs, and spies. As are his casinos.

BTW, Spies tag each other on twitter and instagram to confirm they are associated. They are required to do this, it’s not because they are stupid, it’s part of the spy games. If you ever wondered why they do this, it’s part of the “Capture and Kill” operations.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and all these other sites are owned by Russians and Israelis.


It is enemy occupied territory.

FYI, ever notice how this constantly happens to certain people surrounded by a certain dual citizenship group?

Stay away from the Trump Crowd.

Trump is old news.

He had his chance and failed.

Loser.” -DJT


From the article above.

“At times in recent years, though, Gaetz was known to remark about hanging out with crowds younger than himself. Three people involved in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign of Ron DeSantis said that Gaetz, an adviser who later helped lead DeSantis’s transition team, repeatedly suggested that events be scheduled in a way that would “end the night in a college town.” These people said that, although the suggestions seemed lighthearted, they understood Gaetz to be implying that he wanted to visit bars in those communities. Gaetz turned 36 during the DeSantis campaign.”
He is creeping on women 18 years younger than himself. As a sport.
Which requires drugs, like cocaine and ecstasy. FYI.
It’s also the only way to conceal 17 year old hooker/spies into the crowd. Otherwise they would look VERY out of place at the local whiskey bar with 25 dollar martinis.

I promise you Desantis is compromised as well.

Remember, the ENTIRE election process is fraudulent.

So ALL politicians are chosen, not elected.

Any more questions and I’ll answer them in the comments. I am going for a hike to get some fresh air.