In order to promote the companies that have graciously sponsored American Partisan with advertising and support these Patriot companies, I have started to invite the companies to write guest posts. This is the first in the series and comes from Troy, the owner of INRI Goods. Troy prides himself on only selling American made products, so please check out his website at for stickers, patches and t-shirts.

Howdy fellow readers, my name is Troy, owner of INRI Goods. As a new advertiser, the site owners graciously offered me the opportunity to briefly introduce myself and my small business, an offer I’m happy to take them up on. I’ve been a reader of American Partisan since the day it launched, so I’m very proud that my first foray into advertising is also able to support this tremendous resource provided by NC Scout and his team. INRI Goods had actually been a latent idea in my head since 2014 to design morale patches primarily.
As I’m sure is the case with some of you, the procrastination bug and “what do I know about starting a business?” fairy conspired with each other until I finally made the decision to go for it. A lot of prayer went into whether or not I wanted to go through the hassle, and frankly, the risk of starting a business like this in this day and age. If the moral collapse of our culture continued to spread like a brushfire, I would inevitably become a target, even if I never got past the side-hustle stage, right? I’ve always been inexcusably shy when it comes to bringing up Christ to people: it’s such a personal thing to talk about. This then got me thinking that there are probably a lot more folks out there with the same failing as me. Then in late 2020 all of these thoughts clicked for me: if we can’t humble ourselves to lean on Jesus to stiffen our spines for the Gospel now, how could we possibly expect to do it when the truly hard times get here? If I don’t do this now, it’s not going to get any easier, I thought to myself.
Which brings us to INRI Goods.
Aside from the adventure of starting a small business, my primary goal for INRI Goods is to design products (patches, apparel, and stickers for now) that leave no ambiguity about Who you follow. I think I summed it up pretty good with the unofficial tagline I’ve adopted, “Conversation starters. IFF for uncertain times. All original. All for His glory.”
Conversation starters – They should make people who see them want to ask you “hey, what does that mean?” I hope they put us on the spot to share the Gospel where we might otherwise have made an excuse not to do so.
IFF for uncertain times – By being unabashed, I hope that if you see one of my products in the wild they can serve as a sort of “Identify Friend or Foe” marker during this current unpleasantness.
All original – I hope to offer designs that differ from anything else in this space, so don’t hold your breath for any Punisher skulls.
All for His glory – No “Tap-Rack-Bang” patches or Jesus fighting Predator here. I have plenty of ideas in the pipeline for no other reason than I think they’re cool and ‘Murican, but I aim to take great care not to risk cheapening God just to be clever.
I hope that this brief post, if nothing else, serves as a small encouragement to the reader. That they CAN chase that idea for that widget they’ve been harboring for years. That there are others like them out there that struggle just as much to be bold for the Lord as they do, but that we don’t have to stay that way if we’ll just ask for his help. With that said, I’m extremely excited to see where this takes me and am truly humbled and honored that American Partisan is able to be a part of it!
Rom_8:31 What shall we then say to these things?
 If God be for us, who can be against us?