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Yup. That’s what i did recently, for a variety of reasons…
I’ve been a Kenwood mobile guy for years, the 281 and tm-v71 as my primary auto, base and field rigs, however I recently made my baofeng tech mobile rigs my primary rigs, and kenwoods secondary rigs.
Why would I do that? Kenwoods are awesome rigs, no doubt, lots of features, well built, etc. However, most new amateur radio operators cant afford them, or operate them to their full potential. Hence, Baofeng tech mobiles, the 25w and the 50w units offer a lot of features that cover the 80% of what most users will need and use, at an affordable price.
A major factor is also the ability to operate on a wide range of vhf/uhf freqs that the kenwoods can’t do w/out modifying the rig, which I have done on all of my units, but there is still a disconnect in communicating to the Baofeng tech units of some feqs.
Given my goals is to be a EMCOMM guy, help others get squared away, pass along what I know to the cherries, who in most cases will come to the party with baofengs/et al, I have instant comms with them and can train them up quickly.
In building my local mag team, I spec’d uv-82hp HT’s w extra batteries, usb charger/12v charger and a roll up j-pole antenna and misc connectors.
I also suggested the 25w vhf/uhf mobile unit, with external mag mount antenna, this unit plugs into 12v socket and is great for vehicle to vehicle and/or field operations off 12v batteries and solar rigs/battery packs and jungle antennas. My goal, is to be able to spin up folks w functional, simple to use, effective and affordable kit that can be used on license free bands and amateur radio bands and obscure freqs.
The baofeng tech and their ilk do that, good enough is good enough, and i can stack em deep…
Now, i still have and operate my kenwoods, but for basic G-comms, the baofeng tech units do the job..
Go here for more info: Baofeng Tech