Pray for our crusader friends.

They are surrounded by enemies who wish to exterminate them.
Moscow is tracking on the situation.
Of course, the muslims are lying… They have been shooting at the Christians since guns were invented.
Buried on the third page of search results, From the link below,

The Chamber, listening to the discussions, recording that the troops of Azerbaijan have invaded the territory of Armenia, with the purpose of preventing possible escalation of the conflict, calls on the government to insist the (European) Council to join the demand of President of France Macron addressed to Azerbaijan to pull out the troops immediately.”

I am not sure which came first, but I suspect the EU members asking Azeri forces to withdrawal was met with Azerbaijan’s answer. And that answer cost a Christian man his life for his people, his culture, and his country.
God Bless France and the Netherlands.
Our alt media and MSM mocks President Macron, but he is quite the leader in my opinion.
-Thanks for reading, Say a prayer for our friends.