I don’t know if you noticed, but the traitors running our country are planning to fake an Alien invasion as a cover for action for the great reset. They will use Project Bluebeam technology to achieve this objective.

I noticed. And a friend of mine said this is/was gonna happen. We can stop this.

China has written in official military reports that they plan to use Holographic projector tech to conquer the Middle East using projectors to create images of Mohammed descending from paradise, striking using massed Ariel attacks while the Mohammedans start praying to their prophet. -Unrestricted Warfare

The U.S. military has the technology to simulate an entire battle without firing one round of live ammo. Anyone who has served in the U.S. military has probably seen the big green balls of energy floating over combat zones, and nearby U.S. military installations in the U.S.

Lord only knows what those are for. Blinding cameras during operations maybe? A distraction? I saw two in Baghdad myself. One in the middle of the day.

I also know that I have personally seen a formation of aircraft (6) that can only be described as an electrical storm in the shape of enormous Stealth Bombers. They were each the size of a football field; At least. Lighting and wind included.

Those birds were probably military tech that we will have a laugh about in 10 years. Similar to how everyone thought the F-117 and B-2 were UFOs before they were admitted to exist; But the Holographic projectors and combat simulators are a reality, not a conspiracy.

And these people, in the following videos, with their worthless overhyped, poorly-acted testimonials, are running a Psy-Op on us.

Remember, our mind is our primary weapon. Let’s use it to analyze what these liars and traitors(or useful idiots) are saying to us.

These aircraft(UFOs) are so advanced they flew all the way across the galaxy to play tag using their superior technology. Does that make sense?

Technology so advanced they don’t have camouflage? Does that make sense?

They can avoid everything we have except a blurry photo?

I have seen better stealth employed by mouth breathing privates in basic training and drunk college students seeking their friends in the back door of my bars.

What a bunch of nonsense…

These are most likely Chinese Holograms. How they are are spoofing the radar or sonar is beyond my technical knowledge, but I would bet it’s simply a plain, old fashioned lie.

Even FOX is in on the game. This is from May 14th.

This one below is from April 30th. They are preparing the battle space and announce in the interviews that they are going to continue this in a series of press releases during the summer.

This one is from a month ago. They also started prepping the battle space for this last year. I just cant find the clips. But I remember having conversations with my friends about this. Joe Rogan had some Navy pilots on his show, but I can’t find the clip. I don’t think he posts to youtube anymore.

I could keep posting these, but they all have the same footage and say the EXACT same talking points. Nearly every single “media” outlet is covering this. Just type “UFOs” into youtube. It’s endless.