As all of you who’ve trained with me know, I view training our side and our people as the highest calling. There is no larger honor than the continual opportunity to meet and work with our nation’s very best Patriots, those who are taking responsibility for their own posterity and that of their nation. Our Nation. Many, many questions are asked during the breaks in training and to that point the answers are generally the same- stay the course, maintain tactical patience, and that when the time comes, and we know that it will, all of the conditions of a proper Resistance for this Nation will come to fruition.
Out west, after back to back classes completely full of Patriots who were deadly serious about who they are and where they stand- not pretenders, not cartoon characters clad in military camo, but real people- I was invited to speak at a political gathering of Libery-oriented Republicans in a large church. Not expecting a large crowd and somewhat taken off-guard, I was greeted by several political players from the region and an entire congregation full. Well over a hundred were packed into that Church, every one of them determined, serious in their approach and of unquestioning faith. Without a doubt, it was an honor to be there and I was humbled by the warm welcome.
When asked a number of questions, the overall theme boiled down to two key factors- the growing authority on which our Resistance is coalescing and the moral high ground to which we appeal. To the former, we can very clearly see this happening before our very eyes. To the latter, for every Christian of this nation, this should never be a question. Overall, it is critical to recognize that our Resistance is indeed growing, that we will obtain victory in this fight, and that we find ourselves in a much larger struggle than most realize- one of generations. At its heart, we can never afford to forget what grants us that which we are – a Christian Nation – and one which shall return to its roots in the face of great evil. The maxim rings true; the Left must lie about its true nature, and ALL WE MUST STAND UPON IS TRUTH.
We are earning victories. To those who claim nothing will occur simply due to failures of the past, I submit to you, with each cover up, with each slight of the hand, with each injustice, the fire grows. The very idea of ‘justice’ in this nation has become a joke. And so be it. For a meaningful Resistance to occur, there must be a recognizable thing to resist.
The Arizona recount, which, until its data was deleted, illustrated the substantial election fraud which had occurred. The very fact that they have denied even a basic request at transparency vibrantly illustrates the truth. Their elections are a fraud, their authority a sham. We have successfully ousted NeoCon Liz Cheney from Republican leadership. This only occurred after major pressure and much of it hinged upon her refusal to be a meaningful opposition party to the Left. Nor would she be.
And while some may say, this is politics as usual, there is a growing military element as well. Over 120 retired Flag Officers have promulgated their concerns including the following:
signatories of the letter include retired Army Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc—a Senate candidate in New Hampshire, retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, and retired Vice Adm. John Poindexter—who was the deputy national security adviser for President Ronald Reagan.
While their statement is a petition for peace offering a political solution, it is an important foundation block for the Resistance to grow against those who seek such peaceful solutions impossible. All Resistance movements must work on part of a legal authority, on part of legitimacy against that which usurps itself in the face of such. They require leadership in both the militant and political components, which is gaining ground. The people know, and a people’s patience grows thin. You must remain so. We are gaining victories, and will gain a great deal more, before the power structure has to take drastic action against the American people. And for that, we must stand ready.
Tactical patience is a watchword taught to me long ago as a young Infantry team leader. A wise First Sergeant, who prided aggression in his young leaders, pulled me aside on a training exercise when he saw I was a bit to eager to press an attack with limited numbers.
“Don’t rush to failure.” He said.
He was right. I had severely underestimated the tactical situation that night, and the opposing force would have slaughtered us. It would be a lesson that would stay with me, burned into my brain forever. Having stepped back and letting the scenario develop, I avoided a trap. It is one which has saved my life on more than one occasion, and one which resonates very clearly now. The frustration you have is heard, you are not alone, and the propaganda machine is working that much harder. They know full well the Resistance which is mounting. We must exhibit that same patience and never lose track of our own preparedness. We are growing and rapidly so. They have lost legitimacy and will continue to erode in that public trust with each mishandled or manufactured crisis.
The key for the individual is training and networking. The path of the warrior is lifelong, and as such, it is never enough to simply say one is armed as equating being prepared. You must be trained, and perpetually so, in as broad manner as possible. The ability to move, to shoot accurately, and to communicate absent a grid enables effective action. Your networking must also be there- not just with those of whom you train but anyone who is concerned regarding the direction of their nation. Our numbers are growing and daily. It is your duty to engage with them. Isolated is where the power structure wants you- deny them that. And when that time comes, when the final act of usurpation of this great nation resorts to intolerable violence, you will indeed be prepared.
We will win in this endeavor. Victory will not be achieved overnight and the struggle to restore freedom to this great nation will not be without its casualties. But you must always be engaged and prepared. Our Resistance is growing and we cannot afford anything less.
Stand ready.