A bunch of videos by the hilarious, and awesome, Randy Pobst.

Guaranteed to learn something and family friendly for the blue collar crowd.

It’s supposed to rain all weekend where I live, so if you get stuck inside, this is a great series.

Listen to what he says.

This post was inspired by the gun fight getaway “Cash In Transit” (CIT) video from South Africa we recently posted. (You’ll notice they didn’t crash and die…)

This will save your life.


Episode 1: Oversteer: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Episode 2- Passing and Track Dominance

Episode Three is Blocked in the U.S. because of a copyright dispute. It was about shifting.

Episode 4: Racing Lines- What, Where, When, and Why.

Episode 5: Braking- The Most Important Part Of Your Car.

Episode 6: The Skidpad- The limits of your car

Episode 7: Tires, Tires, and Tires


Episode 8: Understeer- What?

Episode 9: Front, Rear, and AWD

Episode 10: Driving Smooth or  Being Aggressive- Better or Worse?

Episode 11: Weight Management

Episode 12: OFF ROAD RACING!