A lot is going on in the world right now regarding Microchips, Production capacity, Tech, Social Media, and Cyber Security.

This is why.

“We have 300 MAJOR tech companies with advanced research facilities in Israel”
“Why have so many moved here in the last ten years; They used to be American.”
“Because Israel invests in Cyber…”
-Benjamin Netanyahu 2019 Cybertech Conference Speech
Israel uses sex operatives and drugs to compromise foreign tech companies and leaders using agents like Epstein and Maxwell. Cyber is the future of war and power. Data and Microchips are the new gold rush, railroads, canals, and oil wells. Data, Cyber, silicon wafer production, and Tech titans will be the new Vanderbilts, Carnegies, and Duponts.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is coming.

Did you know Microsoft is an Israeli Company now?

Gee, I wonder what happened between Jeff Epstein and Bill Gates?


I’m pretty sure Netanyahu is giving this speech to an empty room (In English…)

If you want to see how he behaves in front of a real crowd watch below. 


He even admits “When you take Soviet Scientists and put them in Palo Alto, They are VERY SUCCESSFUL”

He is trying to tell you something… History.

As far a VICE goes, this isn’t bad.