This excerpt comes from Jack Lawson straight out of Chapter 14 of his two volume masterpiece, “Civil Defense Manual”. You can grab a copy of his book here. Jack is a strong supporter of American Partisan, and even had NC Scout write the chapter on Radio Communications (Chapter 17 in Volume I). I bought my copy the day it become available and I highly recommend you do as well.

A recent news report… “Tomatoes in Italy lay rotting in the fields because of a shortage or absence of containers to package them, mainly tin cans.”
Anyone who eats Italian food knows the importance of tomatoes in Italian cuisine. The Italian tomato harvest is a disaster. Disruption of the food supply chain. No tomatoes. The same disruption happened to beef in packing plants in the United States… they shut their doors for a week because of computer systems being hacked and held for ransom. They couldn’t process a pound of beef without their computerized system.

Nice red colors with early sunlight (if you can get beyond the smell.)

I call the non-existence of food… “Foodabsence.” There are all sorts of nouns, adverbs, etc. that describe the various degrees of symptoms, states of being and effects that not having food has on humans, such as malnourishment or famine or starvation or hunger… but the English language has no singular word for the state that causes it. Not a shortage or scarcity of… but total absence of food. None. So, I’ve created a singular term as a word for no food… Foodabsence.
Interesting… the Ukrainians came up with a term encompassing two words, the word “Holodomor,” to describe “Murder by Starvation” that the Communists successfully engaged the Ukraine with by starving to death 12,500,000 of them in the 1932-33 period that I wrote about in my newsletter… Store Food NOW!
People believe in a lot of bullshytte. If you’re going to be afraid, be fearful of something that can really happen… like food shortages. Or, you can bury your head in the sand like the Proverbial Ostrich… and believe the world will go on indefinitely without these problems affecting you. You can continue to ignore the news of supply shortages and disruption of the supply chain and focus on the new society being promoted by those extreme Leftists (Communists), some who simply want power and some who believe Communism is the path to a better world.
I want a better world… but I’ve seen Communism first hand and know that their ‘utopia’ of total equality, metrosexual anything sexual is okay, feel good attitude of warm and fuzzy togetherness is an illusion. It’s not our salvation. It does create an equality… that of suffering and misery… except for those who run it.
So, when the Communists state… “Capitalism can’t provide for people… but Communism can!” don’t take their promise lightly or with a laugh. They will provide you… if you’re on their side… but doing so by measures that are barbaric. People will support anything that provides the Critical Life Supplies and Services for them, barbaric or not. Especially the solution to Foodabsence. They will use these issues and methods to get control and get in power.
Like old man Koch said… “Communism is an ideology of freezing cold, starvation, hopelessness and sheer terror.” He was a world-class mercenary opportunist, but he lived in it… so he knew. Communism. Think… just another form of dictatorship. Think… a perverted form of nepotistic royalty… forever. Think… living in terror.
I’ll bet on problems of shortages or the complete absence of food. Do I have a ‘doom and gloom’ mentality? Actually, no. I am well-prepared with a group of other well-prepared people. So, I’m relaxed about it… my NPP Group Members (CDM™ Neighborhood Protection Plan – see the chapter on our website here) are ready for just about anything and so am I. I’ll be eating enough to survive… even though my constant companions will be a shotgun or rifle and pistol.

Then why do I believe there will be problems?

Simple math and odds making. Las Vegas is like home to me because I lived there for so many years. I don’t gamble at casinos because I’m smart enough to know the house always wins. I know many of the elite there. Gamblers, casino owners, pit bosses, business and government people. Over the years I have become well versed in the probabilities of chance and odds. To a large degree… I live by those.
The odds of Foodabsence are so probable because of an axiom that ‘Jimmy the Greek’ Snyder, the famous Las Vegas oddsmaker, said. Something to this effect… The longer since an occurrence… the more probable the reoccurrence.”

Trials and Tribulations of the "Vegas Man" known as Jimmy the Greek (part 2) - GamingZion ...
‘Jimmy The Greek’ – Casinos bet on his forecast of probabilities

I’ll add another variable to the above statement… “The more complex and sophisticated a machine… the more probable are breakdowns.” In other words, our supply manufacturing, processing and delivery ‘machines’ (systems) are too complex and just have too many moving parts to not have breakdowns.
Not just food, but items critical to production of food. Gasoline stopped flowing through pipelines to gas stations a few months ago because of computer hacking. If employees can’t get to work, or trucks can’t deliver because of absence of fuel… the end result is Foodabsence. I could go on. But you know all this… unless you haven’t paid any attention to the news.
The food delivery system is creaking. This started before the Coronavirus ever raised its ugly deceitful head and caused panic buying. But it had started way before from another issue seldom factored into the equation. That is the computer automated and streamlined high-activity item instant-feedback driven supply system.
This is what controls all supply systems in the Industrialized World… but I concentrate on the food supply system here. Computers have allowed manufacturing and delivery systems to “lean out to the bone” raw products stored for processing, materials used in processing, system times for processing, time for delivery and stocks of food in warehouses and grocery stores. The supply chain is lean of products… it’s down to the bone for reserves.
This may be redundant… but look at the chart. It doesn’t include the Instant Feedback by computer of the supply system and its effect on how much is in the supply chain. Computers have given instant feedback from retailers as to what suppliers and manufacturers need to provide… consequently, they buy and store less of everything. This gives all involved with the food chain huge savings by inventorying much less and in some cases handling it less and reducing or eliminating time in storage.
This system, although a wet dream for military Quartermasters, bean counters and supply efficiency experts, has drastically reduced the amount of all products in the supply chain. Including products needed by processors and manufacturers to process and manufacture… such as packaging, preservatives and chemicals.
This has literally put Americans on a hand to mouth subsistence… or should I say a “Grocery Store to Mouth” existence. I don’t know how many Americans are moving to home delivered meals comprised of all the ingredients ready to cook as I see advertised constantly… but that scares me more. What prepared meals fit in your refrigerator will not feed you for very long… a much shorter time if electricity is out.
Look forward to increased hacking of computer-controlled processing, storage and delivery systems… which will be devastating. Read about the anomaly of production systems replenishing anything manufactured, processed, stored or delivered after there is panic buying and ‘runs’ on stores of the supply chain. Read “The 1978 Toilet Paper Shortage” in the Civil Defense Manual newsletters.
See this article for more information:
It takes months to catch up demand… and months of food shortages, or no food means many deaths from starvation after Foodabsence. That anomaly can be caused or exacerbated by pandemic/epidemic, employee shortages, trucking company driver shortages, fuel shortages, electrical outages…
It’s almost like the old joke… “There’s good news and bad news… I’ll give you the good news first!”
The good news will be obese Americans will lose all that blubber… they’ll get skinny. The bad news is… after getting skinny… many Americans will die. This will also be the fate of those people of the Industrialized World who depend on these complex food supply systems.
A report from
SUPPLIES: Ongoing global supply-chain disruptions are expected to continue until next year at least. Not due solely to available inventory up and down the manufacturing chain; labor shortages and commodity manipulation are also being blamed. Analysts expect an impact on back-to-school shopping as many of the supplies and educational materials are manufactured overseas or rely on international midstream partners.
Jeffries’ chief economist Aneta Markowska said, “There’s a very good chance that you’re going to have severe product shortages by September.” The impact on consumers is being passed along through price-increases and decreased availability of once common products. (AC: While not directly mentioned in many outlets, recent reports from Yantian indicate several more weeks of delays in exports ultimately impacting the fall and holiday shopping seasons. – D.M.)