There is a saying that sometimes what’s old is new; and the time has come for Homer Simpson to move over for John Wayne 2021.
And for such a Man just what might they say?
“Damn! Dude knows where he came from!”
“It’s really cool you know so much about your family history!”
“What strong faith you have!”
“Not many people stand up for what they believe in, how did you learn to do that?”
“I really admire how the only thing stronger than your work ethic is your brain!”
“How did you get so fit?”
“Lord, I’d hate to beef with you!”
“See that swole guy other there? Yeah, look out – he looks he’s middle class!”
“Dad, I really admire your intelligence.”
“Honey, I really admire your wisdom.”
“You work out EVERY day?!”
“You’re ex-military? Cool how you keep your skills up.”
“Your not ex-military? Cool how you learned so many skills.”
“One thing I really like about you is your Code of Honor.”
“We may disagree, but I can always trust you.”
“Do you ever not keep your word?.”
“Hah! Most guys in your position are only well-rounded in the middle, but you’re the real deal!”
“What a work, life, mind-body-spirit balance!”
“What’s with you, always striving to somehow exceed yourself?”
“You remind me of Western Civ class; the prof mentioned something the ancient Greeks called ‘virtu.’
“You are one hell of a leader.”
“You are one hell of a follower.”
“You really know when to lead and when to follow.”
“There’s something special about how you honor your parents and look after your kin,”
“Wait! You really had your kids give thanks to their great great grand parents who left everything to cross the Atlantic on a boat to start a new life, which led to them being born?!”
“Weird how you can be polite but somehow it doesn’t come off as weak.”
“Do you study your Faith every day” Cause you act like you do.”
“Damn you have guts!”
“I’m surprised, but you have a diplomatic side that’s really effective.”
And the list goes on……