GWU, George Washington University, is where the diplomat corps goes to school for the state department programs.

The Confucius Society in the U.S. isn’t quite completely gone yet.

But it’s on it’s way out.

And, for the Googling Crowd

The Confucius Institutes were, without a doubt, simply a method to infiltrate our schools with CCP money and they were also a means to brainwash students into thinking that the revolution had been a success.

Well, that’s no longer occurring.

I wonder why…

Thank You Mr. Pompeo. Good luck with your 2024 Presidential Run…


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Still think the Feds are completely useless?

It’s called “Playing the Game“; An intelligence operations term.

Following Federal Pressure, UMD Will Close A Program That Had Chinese Government Support

From 2018. This has been an on going operation.

Another Confucius Institute Closes

That explains why they released the Virus earlier than expected.

But, as always, if you want peace, prepare for war.

We haven’t won yet.

One of my favorite SME’s on China. General Robert Spalding USAF Retired

Look up your local school system and post the results in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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