Jack Lawson, author of the Civil Defense Manual, sent me this article posted on WRSA and originally found on American Digest and asked me to post it up here. He also asked me to add some clarification at the end. Sure thing, Jack!

I comment because, even though I’ve lost most of my hatreds over the years, I still loathe Communists with every fiber in my body. They are not human… the only way in which to coexist peacefully with them is to remove them from our existence.

I’ve seen these barbarous bastards first hand… an African woman with her ears, nose and lips cut off. Her husband forced to cook them and eat them in front of the entire village in the dead of the night. Why? Simply because their son was in the Rhodesian Army. WTF!? What sane person could conceive of that?

Six-month-old babies bayoneted… a Grandmother forced to choose between her whole family living and beating her six-month-old Grandson to death with a club… ad nauseum. Those ‘cruel whites’ (sarcasm) flew this black African woman to Salisbury, Rhodesia Africa where a plastic surgeon reconstructed her face. I could tell you more stories of what I saw and know… but few would believe them.

It was one of the only wars that the Communists trained an 85-man unit to go into Rhodesia… not to fight us, but kill their own men because of their ‘Communist Zeal.’ After his election, mugabe, the head Commie mucky-mucky, herded the remaining 32 of these men into a building in Mozambique and shot each one in the head after he assassinated his General who formed this unit. Read “Blood… the ink of my autopsy” if you can find it. Written by a surviving member of this unit.

My black combat partner was scared to death of the Commies winning. He would be a hunted man… and was killed after the “Truth and Reconciliation” hearings during the Commie’s ‘Justice Killings.’ “Justice Killings” …sounds similar to the semantics dribble now coming out of the Liberal’s mouths. Both my COs beat it the hell out of there after the ‘cease fire.’

We won all the battles and defeated the terrorists… but lost the country to Commie Carter and Commie Andrew Young, along with the Leftists (Commies) in the British Government. That we won is not my opinion… but that of the Communist’s Commanding General who admitted it, after they took control. ‘Zimbabwe’ has now been raped of every last dollar for Swiss bank accounts and black and white machined gunned for protesting starvation. But you’ll never read that in the mainstream news. I know because my wife is from there and gets the bush telegraph news.

But, if you listen to the mainstream news media and American African Historians (‘Experts’ who have never set foot on the continent), those white Rhodesians were so horrible (sarcasm). Africa is the “Continent of the Apocalypse Now” …and “The Land of Blood and Tears.” I know… because I lived amongst the black Africans in the bush there for almost three years. They are beautiful and caring people… just fucked over by their ‘leaders.’

Not to appear ‘mercenary’ for listing my books. Mercenary is the term ‘Mr. Young’ jokingly calls me from my African exploits, but my name signoff is one of many I use.

Just like this one…

Jack Lawson: Honorary Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada; Author of “The Slaver’s Wheel”, “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil,” “Civil Defense Manual” and “In Defense.”

As one member of our Commando wrote in later years: “That country (Rhodesia) has cast a long shadow over our lives, has it not?”

As one struggles to endure the daily mundane of life, I realize he is right. He wrote on…

“Rhodesia is a woman whose name is forever written upon our hearts – against whom no earthly flesh and blood of female can ever compete. We shed our blood, sweat, tears and the blood of others answering her siren call. Now that the winds and the rains have washed away the stench of the rotting corpses, we remember only the flair of our youth as we jousted lockstep with an opponent equally as determined to rid the world of us, as we him.”

“Anoma – Anoma – Anoma!” Swahili for “I am a poor man – I am a poor man – I am a poor man!”
“But I am a rich man and she (Rhodesia) has made me so. We loved her like no other. Oh, how I miss her and my friends so!”


To all who read what I wrote…

The final photo of the rather hard nosed, serious and deadly looking Selous Scout bearing the Rhodesia Cross is not me… I never got any medals because, although I was brave… I was not courageous. I don’t want anyone thinking that is a photo of Jack Lawson.

My chest is bare of medals, but my soul is full of memories that I cherish.

The difference between BRAVE and COURGEOUS?

A BRAVE MAN IS… full of stupid enthusiasm and too butt-stupid to know what can happen to him as he goes into the shytte… and he eagerly goes. I was an adrenaline junkie and a bonehead about what could happen to me.

A COURAGEOUS MAN IS… fully aware of the danger and his sense of mortality, what can happen to him, maybe married or has children. Has a lot to lose… but he goes into the shytte anyway.

When I think of courageous… I think of my COs Major H., Captain Vernon, who went into the shytte for years. I told Major H. a few years ago that if he ever comes to Las Vegas I want to go gambling with him. Thirteen years is like thirteen American ‘outside the wire’ combat tours of duty fighting in your own country.

My New Zealand buddy Martin and I started alternately taking point because Vernon, with no fear in his soul was first to go into the thick of it and we were afraid his time would come up prematurely. We thought the world of this guy and would elbow our way past him as we chased terrorists. As Fire Force Commander, Major H’s Command Chopper was so shot full of holes they couldn’t patch it anymore and had to replace the entire air frame.

Then there was ‘Buzzard,’ Dredge, Taffy and scores of others… COURAGEOUS men. Some of the finest human beings I’ve had the honor to associate with… as were the Rhodesian People. Now black and white ‘Zimbabweans’ suffer in that shytte hole.

Courageous has many names associated with it… but not Jack Lawson’s.

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