I am not above a good ole’ conspiracy, nor am I above a retraction for a poorly researched article.

But every now and then all the right pieces come together and make the job a little harder than normal. And, of course, a little more interesting than normal. I thought the lack of coverage was intended to keep the public from knowing what the full story was, and digging a little too deep.
Apparently, they were just too embarrassed to tell you the problem.

The LAPD blast from a few weeks back is one of those stories that had all the markers for coverup. Random foreigners, “IEDs”, 5,000 illegal commercial grade fireworks. And, of course, the LAPD bomb squad nerfing a multi-million dollar truck used to dispose of explosives.

That story had it all.

Well, if you check out this twitter thread below, it would appear that those who blamed “Diversity Hire” as the root cause were probably correct.
Most people who are in their 20’s and 30’s (and some in their 40s) have been placed under the care and charge of some illiterate Somali (Or other such half wit who marries their siblings/cousins) and is so incompetent they can barely remember to breath while shouting incomprehensible orders.
How hard is it to weigh the devices, do some basic addition, and then properly dispose of the devices in a series of controlled disposals?
Extremely hard it would seem.
So hard in fact that you take out half the neighborhood just so you can hand out fake awards for “Non-Binary, Multilingual, Illegal Immigrant Police Officer Of the Week” awards to someone that nearly kills 20 people.
[Everyone Claps Knowingly while rolling their eyes}
Apparently, 2nd grade mathematics is too much like work and you should pack every single piece of ordinance into the bomb disposal unit after you “eyeball” the weight and guess the “proper” formula for disposal.
“That’s some mighty fine police work there Lou”
You know, I wanted to believe it was the terrorist caught red handed story that was buried.
I don’t want to make fun of the 67 IQ crowd because it doesn’t make me feel better about myself or my country. That type of headline is truly last on my “to do” list of stories, lessons, and articles for consideration.
There is no glory in picking on the low hanging, low IQ fruit.
You forced my hand this time State Department, Mega-Corporations, and LAPD.
Thanks for issuing out VISA’s, hiring, and quota’s to people who obviously did not fill out the paper work themselves.
I have friends who aren’t very smart, including myself; I wanted to be a STEM major, not liberal arts, but I performed poorly on the entrance exams.
This is ridiculous…