There is a new course now that I am offering and we have two dates on the calendar already.

The new class is Partisan Life Saver. This is going to be a three-day course that models the military Combat Life Saver but is modified for our purposes and mission. It is also going to be a wet course. And wet means that there will be fake blood used.

Doctrinally Combat LifeSaver is a stepping stone between the buddy aid skills that everyone knows and the skills that medics know. It is used to plus up medical readiness for most combat arms units.

The course will go more in-depth on TCCC and how we try our best to cheat death. The two-day TCCC is NOT a prerequisite to attend Partisan Life Saver as we will cover everything that is in the TCCC course. The big benefit to this being a three day course vs a two day is that it allows a full day and then some to do Trauma lanes.

New dates on the training calendar:

TCCC: September 11-12/ NC $400

Partisan Life Saver: October 15-17/ NC $500 (I will be posting more about this in the coming days, but this is going to be a kick ass course and a wet one)

Basic TCCC: November 13-14/ NC $400

Partisan Life Saver: December 10-12/ NC $500

For sign up Email me at [email protected]

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