“Mac” is the psuedonym of a South African who’s submitted his assessment on the current happenings in South Africa. -NCS

The ANC has presided over massive economic decay due to their racist and communist. The harsh lockdowns accelerated this trend and youth unemployment is now at an official figure of 75% but is probably higher. This was a powderkeg and a reintroduction of business closures and our 4th alcohol ban (I write this with a glass of bootlegged wine in my hand) made this worse as everyone is now tired of been stuffed around by the government and their cabal of dubious experts. The spark that set this off was a ruling by the constitutional court that the former president not attending a judicial commission of enquiry into corruption allegations against him was contempt of court and sentenced him to 15 months in prison. They also order that the minister of police and the commissioner of police would be in contempt of court if they didn’t arrest the former president should he not hand himself over to prison officials within 5 days. Zuma did not comply and non Zulu police were brought in from other provinces to arrest him they were poised to storm his compound and deal with his supporters at midnight however Zuma gave himself up 1 hour before midnight.

Within hours his supporters who are mainly made up of Zulu ANC members and the MK (the military wing of the ruling party) started riots, these started as attacks on trucks on the N3, the road between the economic capital of the country, the province of Gauteng and the port city of Durban. This evolved over the next few days as a widespread looting. Minorities and private security started forming neighbourhood defence teams and the police even requested help from armed citizens after many were overrun and looted. I got semi-verified intelligence of private citizens giving the police ammo as well and there were gun shops flying ammo to their friends defending on the ground from other areas in helicopters. The state is bankrupt and the police have not had money to buy ammunition for many years now. Private security outnumber the police and defence force combined and many are extremely well trained, they are often owned by ex policemen or soldiers. Many of the videos you see of people shooting with shotguns are people using rubber bullets (beanbag rounds I believe you call them) however these have run out countrywide and many people say they will now start using deadly force and in some Indian and White areas in Durban they already have. All neighbourhood watch groups have radio comms most linked to the police, and the private security also have radio networks connected to the police. Everybody uses Whatsapp and Telegram groups to communicate although cell phone is now down in many areas.

While the rioters are mainly Zulu and confined to their areas limited rioting has broken out in Xhosa and other ethnic group areas, also the tribal chiefs and the Zulu king are against the riots so the many rural Zulu’s are attacking the rioters as well.

The communist EFF are starting to make noises about joining this would make the riots countrywide and the police are spread thin as most were deployed for the Zuma arrest. The EFF claim to be anti Zuma but are definitely pro anarchy There are also rumours that instigators are attached to State Security Agency factions that support Zuma.

The riots are also targeting infrastructure and a water treatment plant has been burnt down as well as many cell towers and radio station equipment. The fuel refinery in Durban has been forced to close and since an explosion at the Cape Town fuel refinery it is the only one operational in the country.

Excuse the bad grammar and possible mistakes I’ve knocked this out in a hurry. For further information look up Paratus, Roman Cabanac and Ernst Roets on Twitter and South Africa Future of the West and South Africa Reports on Telegram.

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