Something about Zuma.

Free Clothes and Beer.

Muh Freedom and Democracy…

You know the drill.



Fried rice anyone?

I included this because obviously one self righteous man thinks comparing millions of black looters to one white looter is somehow equal.

I have a feeling most of this looted food will rot long before it’s eaten and will be thrown to the dogs and vultures.

The looting is a national event. Entire neighborhoods are organized. The highway was blocked because all the parking and streets are taken over.

The Harbors are being looted as well.

The economic damage is reportedly unfathomable.

The age old tactic of hiding behind children and using emotions as cover. Before the camera started rolling, I am sure rap music was being played and the guy was trying to get shot at. Then, suddenly he is the innocent victim of white violence.

My country is a backwards retarded shit hole, but hey check out my record label.

I want to be famous.

This looks like a CNS impact judging by the recipients body language.

No word on whether or not he survived, but he appears to have died instantly.

Also, the grass is green, and he is wearing shorts, and it’s winter in SA.

This video may be old.

As a car and motorcycle enthusiast, vehicle vandals are the lowest form of scum on earth IMHO.

A whip is incredibly powerful weapon.

It could easily cut your throat or remove your eyes or ears.

Don’t do this…

The economic damage is incomprehensible.

Dead and Dying Looters are left in the streets.

Only to be filmed and not helped.

Turn the sound on for this video.




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