You are not alone.

We Built This.

Own It.

These are our Nations.

Our Businesses.

Our Lives.

Our Families.

Our Future.


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Don’t pick a fight with the Romans

France Leads the Charge!

Tisk, Tisk. Those are bad optics…

The Sweet Swiss

The Aussie Government Rides A High Horse.

Australia’s government is picking a fight with the wrong people.

Do you see how organized the French are?

They will be marching dress right dress soon…

More will come…

The Angry Australians.

Don’t make the Germans angry.

I wonder if the Australian Police can see the mobile and ISP data metrics concerning interests and support for protests… (They Can…)

Keep Pushing Protestants.

Protestants might push back.

Free men don’t ask.

You picked a fight with the wrong people.