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  • Situational Awareness
  • New Mexico’s basic income plan
  • Vaccines for flights proposed
  • Air freight flights cancelled
  • CIA wants China Mission Center


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UBI: Following in Stockton, California’s footsteps, New Mexico is creating a universal basic income (UBI) plan. The proposed amount of $400 would not harm local labor conditions, according to one analyst. The state test may fare better as New Mexico has a balanced budget requirement, vastly different from federal spending which would rely on tax increases or debt spending. This is a growing trend in blue state and city governments, and popularly supported by Far Left politicians. President Biden changed the Child Tax Credit to provide monthly direct payments to families with children, in an attempt to normalize the income. (Analyst Comment: When asked about the UBI, one recipient in Stockton said, “It’s kind of like, you know, I didn’t realize I needed help until I had the help, you know?” UBI programs are likely to expand as Far Left influence for social welfare grows in popularity, raising taxes on most. – D.M.)
HR4980: Freshman Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) introduced legislation to require vaccination on domestic U.S. flights. The bill is currently in the Homeland Security Committee for consideration. Given the 15 September Committee deadline for the text of the “human infrastructure” plan, this bill is likely to be included as part of the omnibus-style legislative package. (AC: The airlines are not united on vaccine policy but the mandate will likely come from the FAA, obviating corporate policies. – D.M.)
AIR FREIGHT: Chinese restrictions on shipping continue. In order to control a COVID spike, between 40%-65% of flights are being canceled. Logistics security analysts predict this may push air freight rates up by 500% in the next few weeks. Logistics disruptions and price increases continue to negatively impact delivery dates and consumer prices. (AC: The 14-21 day quarantine restriction for many logistics workers has cut “on-duty time” in half, expanding air freight backlogs rapidly during “super peak” shipping windows. – D.M.)
CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency may create a “Mission Center for China” to increase spying operations against the communists. Traditionally, China operations and analysis are under the “Mission Center for East Asia and Pacific” but Agency employees have requested a China-centric unit for years. (AC: Pointing to the need for increased attention on China, around half of the FBI’s 5000+ counterintelligence investigations are for Chinese operatives as of 2020. This new Mission Center will likely drive counter-China policy in Congress as oversight reports are generated. – D.M.)
HURRICANE SEASON: The National Hurricane Center expects heavy rainfall and localized flooding across southern and central Florida now until Monday. Tropical Storm Warnings remain in effect for the Florida Keys through Saturday and are possible this weekend for portions of Florida’s west coast.

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