Arson, Accidental, or Action?

Erdogan thinks so. Cause Turkey is on certainly on fire in a weird way.

Wildfire is caused by two factors: Human Activity or Lightning.

The exceptions to these rules are so rare it’s not worth debating when so many fires spontaneously start.

What do Italy, Greece, Spain, and Turkey have in common politically?

Turkey, in the video below, is particularly interesting.

Over 200 fires near major tourist areas and small villages.

That seems… high.

Greece has wild fire problems too.

Near major tourist areas and small villages.


This is actually worse than they are admitting.

While they do discuss what an emergency this is, and blah blah blah climate change; It’s not normal for so many fires to flare up at one.

800 flare ups seems high…

Small Villages and Resorts again.