Why is this woman buried up to her shoulders and circled by men with stones?

Because Mohammed said so…

1400 years ago.


Islam isn’t a religion.

It’s a complete, and total, civilization.

It has legal codes, public and private rules, styles of dress, standing and general orders, and a monetary system, and a political hierarchy.

They even have their own calendar.

The year in Islam is 1443 After the Hijra

Far beyond the definition of a culture; It’s a Civilization.

And it’s spreading…

The following book is a great primer on Islam, Jihad, and our current situation in Afghanistan and abroad.

The Audiobook is EXCELLENT.


Christ preaches love, justice, and peace.

Mohammed was a warlord who raped, robbed, and murdered MANY people.

Robert Spencer is an indispensable source of knowledge on this subject.

He can be found at the website linked below.


Follow him on Youtube.

His latest appearance discusses the conquest of India by Islam.

Bless our Indian Friends in their struggle against China and Islam.

They are one of our strongest allies in this struggle.

Another website I frequent is “The Religion of Peace”. Which documents violent action by Jihadis around the world.


Knowledge is Power.

Educate Yourself.

No amount of firepower will teach you willpower.

Thanks for reading.